"hello world"
articles in Tech programming
A review of code licenses and things IP.
Algorithms, patterns, and things CS
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Android Programming
APR - Apache Portable Runtime
Artifical Neural Networks
Artistic Style - don't worry the formatting
Audio Processing
Augmented Reality - mixing the virtual with the real.
Bash and batch programming
C / C++ - libraries, tips, tricks and gotchas
Code generation, metrics, and refactoring - staying agile and zen.
COM development
Commenting and documenting your code
C++ boost notes
CSS Cascading Style Sheets Specifically
CSS, javascript, DOM, design, comet, stomp, jquery, and everything web.
CTags and code model generators
CVS - adminstration and usage
Dart - class based structured web apps compiled to javascript
Database info and general stuff. (SQL clients, commands, etc)
Design elements - Expression Blend, Adobe tools, and other info.
DirectX - DirectInput Direct3d DirectShow
Eclipse - open source extensible IDE.
Encryption and privacy.
Facebook - programming the social graph.
FLTK - a C++ simple GUI.
Functional programming
git - trees, blobs, commits and other thoughts
GNOME - All things gnome/gtk.
Go gopher
Help! What the users want....and seldom get.
HTML/Web references-notes
IIS - Microsoft
ImageJ - Java Image Processing
Interfacing an LCD to an 8051.
Internet explorer - the default webbrowser.
iPhone Pwned Development
iTunes and Quicktime SDKs
Java - yet another coffee bean.
Kids programming - getting kids interested in programming.
MIDI and OpenSound Control- network OSC and all things MIDI
Mono - open source .NET
Mozilla, XPCOM, Rust, and other Mozilla things.
.NET Data story (MSSQL, MS SQL Express, SQL Compact, TSQL, LINQ, EF)
.NET ASP.net programming the web in MS...webforms and mvc.
.NET programming
.NET Windows Communication Foundation - WCF
.NET WPF - so much more than win32
Node.js npm and that wonderful javascript world.
Notes on Xcode, mac and iphone development.
Ogre3d - a C++ scene graph
Open GL - portable 3d graphics
OpenCV - Computer vision from Intel
OpenGL Notes
OpenGL - Writing the framebuffer to disk
OpenSceneGraph - C++ scene graph library
Parallel Processing - things at the same time
Parsing code - getting a model view of your source.
PERL CPAN packaging notes
PERL Data access
PERL Programming
PERL troubleshooting and debugging hanging camels.
Photogrammetry / Remote Sensing / Geospatial technology / GIS
PHP - open source scripting for the web.
Pluggable Protocols, ActiveX, and Browser Components
Polymer - pretend youre living in the future
Prolog - PROgramming in LOGic
Python - a playful python for programming
Quickbooks programming
Random links and thoughts on vision.
Random Papers
Rectangular selection or column mode - the best text editor feature ever.
Regular expressions - regex
roku development
RPM - Package management
Ruby - whats on rails now?
Scanning and imaging
Scheme / Lisp
SCRIPT: Change password script for htpasswd files.
SDL - Simple DirectMedia Library
SED - stream editor
Silverlight - WPF/E on the web.
Misc VoIP - skype, teamspeak,
SOA - service orientation
Software I've developed in the past that might just help to you.
Software Requirements - trying to manage the flow of change.
Testing, Release Engineering, CI - building code that deploys and runs like it should.
Text editors keyboard shortcuts macros and appreciation for the most useful app on your machine.
Text HEX editors
The need for a template language
Thoughts on CVS / SVN / hg / git and other versioning systems
Trac and project management tools
Twitter bootstrap
Unified Modeling Language (UML) - someday, I can replace myself.
USB ejector - make it easy to disconnect a drive.
Vector Fun
Video processing
Vision - programming, algorithms, and perspective.
Visual Basic - Imports Daves.VB.thoughts.
Visual Studio Tips and Tricks
VTK - The Visualization ToolKit
Web Mashups - web services and custom programming
WebGL canvas and pretty things.
Windows Azure
Windows Mobile Development
Windows Programming
wxWigets - cross platform GUI
XP - Extreme programming.
Yahoo Messenger Hacks / Development
Yate -
ZeroMQ - zero broker networking concurrency library
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