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MIDI and OpenSound Control- network OSC and all things MIDI

oscpack - a simple C++ OSC packet manipulation library | Ross Bencina
peer-to-peer internet OSC multicast without the pain | Ross Bencina
Tender Surrender: how far web or can be fused with the musical instrument? I held a ~ Web Music Hakkason
jasmid – MIDI synthesis with Javascript and HTML5 audio « matt.west.co.tt
gasman/jasmid - A MIDI file reader and synthesiser in Javascript: Mozilla Audio Data API,Web Audio API,a Flash fallback originally taken from bfirsh/dynamicaudio.js - An interface for writing audio with Firefox's audio data API with a Flash fall back for older browsers
Web Audio API - oreilly Web Audio API book, free online reading.
Making the Web Rock: Web Audio (slides) Web Audio Demos - graph editor,Vocoder,synth,input effects,audio recording,oscilloscope,pitch detection,novation launchpad integration with Web MIDI,and more.
chromium - Revision 4535: /trunk/samples/audio - go to chrome://flags/#enable-web-midi, enable it, and restart your Chrome Canary.
MIDI Monitor MIDI Hub
cwilso/WebMIDIAPIShim - Polyfill using the Jazz NPAPI MIDI plugin to implement the Web MIDI API on Mac and Windows.
mizuhiki/WebMIDIAPIShimForiOS - shim to enable Web MIDI API on iOS.
Network MIDI - Transmitting Music via MIDI over a Local Area Network
Mac OS X Tiger: A Musician's Guide
How-To Control Csound with a Custom Midi Controller: Introduction (1 of 2)
Div's MIDI Utilities
The problem with midi « abc notation blog

electronic drums are usually MIDI.
Drum stuff - Dave Horner's Website

OSCulator - Do music or motion with unusual inputs
Introduction to OSC | opensoundcontrol.org
liblo: Lightweight OSC implementation - POSIX C/C++
reacTIVisionis a standalone application, which sends OpenSound Control messages via UDP port 3333 to any connected client application. It implements the TUIO protocol, which was specially designed for transmitting the state of tangible objects and multi-touch control on a table surface.

www.uCApps.de - bunch of midi related stuff and links.
atsushieno's mldsp at master - GitHub - visual MIDI player for Moonlight.
h e x l e r . n e t | TouchOSC - TouchOSC is a universal iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad application that lets you send and receive Open Sound Control messages over a Wi-Fi network using the UDP protocol.
Raspberry Pi Synthesizer

Jacob Peck // CSC 490 Web Presence - work from a CSC 490 - Cognitive Musicology class
Main : Jacob Peck // Algorithmic Composition // Thesis - algorithmic compositions with regards to cellular automata systems
Team La-a's MIDI Humanizer Wiki | Main / Home Page - humanize a straight midi track.

Andreas Schlegel - oscP5 - OSC implementation for processing.

MIDI input library - Page 6 - Scripts - AutoHotkey Community Index of /~orbik/midi4ahk
mudcube/MIDI.js · GitHub MIDI.js - Sequencing in Javascript.
DIY MIDI controllers using PIC microcontrollers and Basic Stamps | Ross Bencina
Free JS/VST software by Adam Fulara
sksmatt/nodejs-ableton-piano - Simple Keyboard to control Ableton Live ( or any other Host ) via the browser in real time using Node.JS, Express, Socket.IO and MIDI.
MidiWriter - MidiWriter is a framework for algorithmic music composition. It includes a lot of generic functions, a midi reader and writer, a huge collection of different generators for small chunks and some variation functions. C++ GPL

software midi controller || software midi keyboards

MidiKeys - MidiKeys is a small application for Mac OS X that presents a miniature MIDI keyboard onscreen.

midi automation

midiStroke - midiStroke converts midi note, program or CC messages into keystrokes. Mac OSX 10.3 and higher. charlieroberts/midiStroke

Midi files

A Johann Sebastian Bach Midi Index Page- Johann Sebastian Bach Midis
MIDI music files - classical music pieces & orginals.
Color Piano—Learn to play songs on the piano!

light sequencing

ptone : An object oriented approach to light show sequencing

Pedals.io - Guitar effects in the cloud! - Pedalboard.js by dashersw - Open-source JavaScript framework for developing audio effects with Web Audio API

online webapi instruments || web api synths

Garmoshka accordion Move the bellows [:||||||||||||:] - resize your browser window
Audiotool Leaks
Web Audio Drumpad
Web FM synthesizer made with HTML5
AirTheremin | g200kg Music & Software - WebCam+WebAudioAPI demo


[Polymer] WebAudio Knob Examples Visual knob element for Web Audio using Polymer. agektmr/webaudio-knob
Knob Gallery | g200kg Music & Software Knob Gallery is a free sharing space for ".knob" files created with KnobMan or WebKnobMan.

midi-dot-net - A library for MIDI programming in C# / .NET. - Google Project Hosting - threadsafe access to MIDI devices: pinvoke of winmm.dll methods
midi - Using a piano keyboard as a computer keyboard - Stack Overflow
Programming on a Keyboard... a Piano Keyboard | ELEKS Labs
YuriyGuts/midichlorian - Visual Studio extension that allows you to write code and automate the IDE using MIDI musical instruments.
Fun project: Make midi keyboard act as real keyboard? - Neo Sanskrit - using ruby and midipipe

Keen little rabbit ears - ear training software Keen little rabbit ears is a simple ear training program for Linux and Windows. It is free of charge. You can exercise the recognition of intervals, chords, scales and chord progressions. Perl (Version 5), Tk, MIDI::Simple and an external MIDI player, like timidity
TiMidity++ - TiMidity++ is a software synthesizer. It can play MIDI files by converting them into PCM waveform data; give it a MIDI data along with digital instrument data files, then it synthesizes them in real-time, and plays. It can not only play sounds, but also can save the generated waveforms into hard disks as various audio file formats.

Linux midi and audio stuff

Ted's Linux MIDI Guide - Ted Felix has a great write up on all think linux midi and audio.
There are linux distros built for music/video production:
AV Linux, Install...Create
Ubuntu Studio UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro - Community Help Wiki - the nice thing about this distro is that the latency settings/jackd/pulseaudio stuff is already configured out of the box...
Rosegarden: music software for Linux - nice software midi/notation. sudo apt-get install rosegarden Rosegarden Tutorials
Hydrogen | advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux - sudo apt-get install hydrogen Ubuntu – Details of package hydrogen in wily
LMMS • Home github: LMMS/lmms.io: LMMS's official website
LMMS • Documentation - Tested VSTs

JACK stuff

Could not connect to JACK server as client. - Overall operation failed. - Unable to connect to server.
check your /etc/security/limits.d/audio.conf and make sure that @audio - rtprio 99 to get realtime access, or uncheck the realtime flag in qjackCtl. dpkg-reconfigure -p high jackd
sudo apt-get install qjackctl; qjackctl
JACK Audio Connection Kit|Applications

Reaper Timecode — Christian Jackson
loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen - midi loop
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