"hello world"
articles in Tech linux-unix-and-friends
Apache and LAMP Notes
ARPAlert - watch who is connecting to your network.
Asterisk faxing - Setup a complete faxing solution!
Asterisk tidbits - random information you might find useful.
Audit system use.
Bash Shell
Control panels
Cron intro
Debian Linux Notes
Docker linux container engine - portable applications.
Drupal - CMS
Email filtering, spam, and other random notes on SMTP.
Fedora / Centos / Redhat - a review of sorts.
Fedora - Notes
File system related stuff
Firefox - the great open source browser.
Freeswitch - carrier grade telephony system.
GIS map servers
Haiku and BeOS
Install linux on your 1850r
Ion - windows manager.
IPTABLES - a real mans firewall
IRC - Internet Relay Chat
XMPP - Jabber - Instant messaging
Joomla / Mambo - Web content management system
Linux CCTV and security - watchdog for the geeks.
Local rolling backups
Mac / MacOS / MacOSX - A Unix that you can let your kids use.
Monitoring tools
MyDNS - mysql based dns server.
MythTV & XBMC- open source DVR
NTP - A little information on using NTP on fedora core.
Proliant 1850r - Install linux on a compaq proliant.
rdiff-backup - remote incremental backup
Remote booting with PXE
Remote network filesystems for linux
Resizing partitions? NTFS, FAT32, Linux, etc.
Review of web control panel software.
RPM - package management for linux
SIP - Telephony love
SSH stuff
Sun Solaris
Ubuntu Linux Notes
Various tidbits - notes from korn bourne and friends.
ViM - IMproved "visual editor"
VPN - a nice way to get in.
Xen - hypervisor for the masses.
Xwindows X11 XFree86
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