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Silverlight - WPF/E on the web.

Ok, so cross platform is what it is all about. Lets see how Silverlight goes.....
Silverlight is becoming the universal platform for building cross platform applications.
Silverlight 4 now provides out of browser Desktop Silverlight applications which can be full trust!
Silverlight: Universal GUI toolkit - Miguel de Icaza - Miguel talks about the out of browser experience provided with Silverlight 4.

It is always nice to browse a set of samples and read code to come up to speed with a new technology.
Silverlight: Gallery : 2 Beta 1 Samples
Download details: Silverlight 3 Tools

The Silverlight Podcast - Sparkling Client - silverlight podcast..
SilverlightShow: Silverlight Community - articles, news, tutorials, showcase, videos

Here is the latest download of Silverlight development tools.
Download: Microsoft Silverlight Tools Beta 1 for Visual Studio 2008
Download details: Microsoft Expression Blend 2.5 March 2008 Preview
Microsoft Silverlight: Downloads for Cross-Platform RIA Development

XAML Power Toys « Karl On WPF - .Net - very nice.
MoXAML Power Toys « Musings and frustrations

Great blogs on Silverlight stuff

Brad Abrams : Silverlight 2 Developer Poster

Update: Silverlight 1.1 tools for VS2008RTM has just been released! I'm very excited to see some of this stuff become real. Soon, hopefully I'll be publishing some silverlight work here on my personal website. More coming soon.
Update Jan-24-2008: Silverlight for windows mobile devices has still not been released. This is really up there on my wish list... Cross platform rich media experiences, when will it happen...oh hum. (Microsoft's Response To The iPhone Is Right Around The Corner)
Somasegar's WebLog : Quick update on Silverlight

Looks like we are getting the First Developer CTP for Silverlight 1.0 for mobile available in 2nd Quarter of CY 2008 targeting Windows Mobile 6.
Boy, a long wait for single code, multi-platform!
Silverlight: Silverlight 1.0 for Mobile

Silverlight Games

Silverlight chess board - very cool!
GAMES.ailon.org - Open source Silverlight games. - battleship, tic-tac-toe,etc.
Silverlight Games 101 - Learn to write games in Silverlight

Deep Zoom

Microsoft Live Labs - Silverlight 2 'Deep Zoom'
Download details: Deep Zoom Composer
SeaDragon In Silverlight: The Coolest Bit From Mix Keynote One
Vertigo: DeepZoom
Expression Blend and Design : Deep Zoom Collections Example
XAML, WPF, Silverlight, .NET, Office 2007, Windows : Deep Zoom: Creating Working Application in Less than 5 Minutes Using the New Deep Zoom Composer
Taking Silverlight Deep Zoom to the Next Level - deep zoom MandelbrotImageGenerator : IHttpHandler

PivotViewer Control

PivotViewer Home : The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site
PivotViewer : Collection Tools - The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site
Pivot Collection Maker

Tim Sneath : So You've Installed Silverlight 2 Beta 1: What Next?
Tim Sneath - Musings of a Client Platform Technical Evangelist (blog)
Jeff Prosise's Blog

Silverlights Out - An Introduction into Silverlight by Example
Getting Started with Silverlight
SilverLight Introduction
CJCraft's Blog - Silverlight Links - The Silverlight Launch Pad is Ready for Launch Phizzpop - a showcasing site for designers and coders. Seems to have quite a bit of silverlight on there.

Silverlight apps

Xamla, A Lightweight Design Application For Silverlight - implements an MVVM pattern for nearly all aspects of the UI and also implements Unity for Silverlight. Runtime designer for XAML.

Silverlight Libraries

.NET Image Tools - ImageTools for Silverlight is a library, which provides additional functionality for loading, saving and manipulation images from different sources and with different formats.
Kodierer [Coder]: Matrix3DEx 1.0 - When PlaneProjection is not enough - Rene Schulte - Coding .Net and Silverlight with C# - CodePlex project site Matrix3DEx
Farseer Physics Engine -- 2D Physics For XNA and Silverlight
Download details: Silverlight 1.1 tools for VS2008
Sapphire - ComponentOne's Silverlight Toolset
Jer's One Stop Shop > Home - MVVM for Tarded Folks Like Me *or* MVVM and What it Means to Me
Silverlight Cover Flow


WriteableBitmapEx - WriteableBitmapEx library is a collection of extension methods for Silverlight's WriteableBitmap
Using WriteableBitmap to Display a Procedural Texture - Jim Galasyn's Learning Curve - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
Image Blitting in Silverlight with WriteableBitmapEx « Adam Kinney's blog has moved

Microsoft vs Adobe Smackdown - Silverlight and Adobe Media Player

CodeProject: Online Circular Chess in Silverlight, ASP.NET Ajax, WCF Web Services and LINQ to SQL.
CodeProject: Legion: Build your own virtual super computer with Silverlight.

Lutz Roeder's Silverlight Page
Sprawl Sample
â??WPF/Eâ? Video Boot Camp - Programming â??WPF/Eâ? â?? Laurence Moroney
tafiti - experimental search front-end from Microsoft using both Microsoft Silverlight and Live Search.
SILVERLIGHT: Get Started Building A Deeper Experience Across The Web -- MSDN Magazine, June 2007
Tip/Trick: Supporting Full Screen Mode with Silverlight - ScottGu's Blog

Home - Microsoft Popfly

Silverlight Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR)

John Lam on Software: Dynamic Silverlight Part 2: Managed JScript and flickr
Dynamic Silverlight - Ruby and Python in the Browser - Learn
Silverlight 2.0 Beta 1 Samples â?? DLR Console

Hex dump: Silverlight 2 SDK, Mac OS X and Mono
Mike Harsh's Blog : Updated SilverlightPad - Now with Javascript Editing and Preview

Great videos

15 minutes to show you how to use the combined power of Silverlight, WCF and LINQ to SQL to create a simple application.
Swiss MSDN Team Blog : Silverlight 2 Beta1 + WCF + LINQ to SQL = a powerfull combination
Swiss MSDN Team Blog : CRUD operations with Optimistic Locking using Silverlight 2 Beta1, WCF and LINQ to SQL (inserts, updates and deletes)

Silverlight Isolated Storage

POKE 53280,0: Pete Brown's Blog : State Management and Isolated Storage in Silverlight 2 Beta 1
Silverlight Database - a Isolated Storage (IsolatedStorage) based database for Silverlight.

WebBrowser / HTML and Silverlight

There isn't a way to display HTML using a standard control in Silverlight. You can however, interact with the browser housing the sl control. So you can modify the DOM and insert/edit elements.
Delay's Blog : Bringing a bit of HTML to Silverlight [HtmlTextBlock makes rich text display easy!]
markda's WebLog : Displaying HTML using Silverlight 2
Silverlight HtmlPage Utilities - Home - project wraps all of the HtmlPage objects in mockable way.
WebBrowser and its “gotcha's” – Silverlight 4 - IBloggable - implemented
Interaction between Silverlight and HTML
Code Example: How to get querystring variables and change HTML elements from Silverlight.

Chart controls for silverlight

Delay's Blog : My new home page, expanded [Updated collection of great Silverlight Charting resources!]

unfold: Building an Observable Model in Silverlight

3d silverlight

Jaime Rodriguez : Silverlight3 PlaneProjection Primer
Kit3D - a 3D C# graphics engine for Microsoft Silverlight - match the System.Windows.Media.Media3D namespace from WPF so that it closely matches development for WPF3D syntax.
Balder - 3D engine for Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, Xna and OpenGL - Home
Babylon Toolkit - Babylon Toolkit provides a complete toolbox for Silverlight 5 3D.

MEF and PRISM in Silverlight

Silverlight MEF - Extensible Applications - great webcast....
Prism for Silverlight - An Intro to Composite Applications - another wonderful webcast...
patterns & practices: Composite WPF and Silverlight - Release: Composite Application Guidance - Oct 2009
Prism Silverlight - 10 Things to Know
My Technobabble : Building Hello MEF – Part III – XAP Partitioning (with the host’s permission) and the sweetness of recomposition.
Prism Silverlight - 10 Things to Know
David Hill's WebLog : Prism and MEF
Random Acts of Coding: A Deeper Look at MEF's Imports and Exports
Random Acts of Coding: LINQing to MEF Imports

Sidebar Gadget development using Silverlight

Creating a Vista Sidebar Gadget Using Microsoft Silverlight « Ioan Lazarciuc’s Weblog
vista dev: updated sidebar gadget templates

Silverlight HTTP specifics

Making HTTP Post with Silverlight a little easier « Vishful thinking…

Silverlight Webcam / Mic

The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site - Videos - Silverlight 4 Beta - Accessing Web Camera and Microphone - very simple webcast sample of accessing webcam in SL4.
Camdoodle: showcasing Silverlight 4 new features as behaviors
Kodierer [Coder]: EdgeCam - Silverlight 4 Webcam & Edge Detection Shader - Rene Schulte - Coding .Net and Silverlight with C#
Kodierer [Coder]: Ye Olde Kamera - Silverlight 4 Webcam & Old Movie Shader - Rene Schulte - Coding .Net and Silverlight with C#
Photobooth - silverlight-4-beta Download Detail : The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site
Saving Snapshots to PNG in Silverlight 4 and the WebCam : JohnPapa.net
Links about using Silverlight for Augmented Reality on Augmented Reality - mixing the virtual with the real..

Moonlight / Open Source Silverlight

Implementing Silverlight in 21 Days - Miguel de Icaza
First Moonlight 2.0 Preview is Out - Miguel de Icaza
Releasing Moonlight 2, Roadmap to Moonlight 3 and 4 - Miguel de Icaza
Moonlight Project (moonproject) on Twitter
monogatari - bunch of great stuff including WCF mono implementation notes...

Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft .NET RIA Services

RIA Services : The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site
Building Amazing Business Applications with Microsoft Silverlight and Microsoft .NET RIA Services :: Sessions :: Microsoft PDC09
The Elephant and the Silverlight | Thoughts on Modular WCF RIA Services
Deploying your Silverlight and WCF RIA Services application
Meta-Me : Tip 48 – How to host a Data Service in WCF - great blog with all sorts of info on WCF data services.
Using WCF RIA Services without Silverlight in Visual Studio 2010 for building 3 tier ASP.NET Applications
Shawn Wildermuth - Architecting SL4 Applications with RIA Services, MEF and MVVM - Part 3

OOB Silverlight (Out Of Browser)

Have you had an out of browser experience? I know, I know. too badd.
Debug Out Of Browser (OOB) Silverlight apps - Laurent Duveau
Update Out Of Browser (OOB) Silverlight apps - Laurent Duveau
COM Automation with OpenOffice – Silverlight 4 - IBloggable - implemented - oob with full priv. com automation (ComAutomationFactory.CreateObject("WScript.Shell");)
Jer's One Stop Shop > Home - Silverlight and Desktop .NET Integration - COM automation using [ComVisible] .net object.
silverlight-4-beta/html-puzzle Download Detail : The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site - multi-touch oob with html hosting...
Silverlight 4 HTML Puzzle: How Does It Work? : JohnPapa.net
Xap Reflector – Silverlight 4 - IBloggable - implemented

Silverlight Design time and the beez knees.

How to Write Silverlight Design Time for All Designers: Visual Studio 2008, Blend 2; Blend 3, and Visual Studio 2010 | Ning Zhang's Blog

WPF and Silverlight integration

HackingSilverlight: Silverlight Hosting in WPF
WPF/XNA SilverlightViewport - Renders Silverlight applications to WPF while maintaining interactivity.
Silverlight Alternative Hosting - Home - Silverlight provides unmanaged interfaces that enable you to host Silverlight within another Web plug-in or within a Win32 application. (C++ COM samples and others) host application must provide the necessary ActiveX hosting infrastructure, and must implement the IXcpControlHost and IXcpControlHost2 interfaces. You can then interact with the Silverlight plug-in through the IXcpControl and IXcpControl2 interfaces.

Silverlight Surface - multitouch, gestures, inertia

Silverlight 4 and WPF 4 Multi-Touch Manipulation
Download details: Microsoft Surface sample for Microsoft Silverlight
A Silverlight / Expression Blend behavior to add Multi-Touch Manipulation and Inertia | DavideZordan.net
Delay's Blog : Silverlight "Surface" Demonstration [Silverlight implementation of Surface's "photo table" UI]

Code sharing with WPF

CLR Team Blog : Sharing Silverlight Assemblies with .NET Apps


How to: Use the ASP.NET Authentication Service to Log In Through Silverlight Applications
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