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Commonly Confused Bits Of jQuery - Smashing Magazine
AddyOsmani.com | jQuery & JavaScript Articles For The Community
jqueryjs - Google Code - jQuery is a fast, concise, JavaScript Library that simplifies how you traverse HTML documents, handle events, perform animations, and add Ajax interactions to your web pages. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript.
45+ New jQuery Techniques For Good User Experience | Developer's Toolbox | Smashing Magazine
jQuery: The Write Less, Do More, JavaScript Library
jQuery 1.2 Cheat Sheet :: www.gscottolson.com/weblog/
jquerycomet - Google Code - use jquery with comet.
Jquert ContextMenu plugin - jquery plugin for context menus.
Ariel Flesler: jQuery.Listen - event bindings that work for even dynamic content...
Glimmer: a jQuery Interactive Design Tool - Home - quick wizard for jquery...
jQuery Auto-Complete Text Box with ASP.NET MVC : b#
jQuery Plugins by Dylan Verheul, Autocomplete - A jQuery autocompleter with caching options to limit server requests.
jquery.suggest 1.1
TicTacToe in jQuery « Things I Learned

Chart || Graph || Plot with jQuery

jqPlot Charts and Graphs for jQuery
Flot: Attractive JavaScript plotting for jQuery
How to Render jQuery Flot Charts through AngularJS

jQuery Grid Plugin
start - jqGrid Wiki
jqGrid Demos
Flexigrid - Web 2.0 Javscript Grid for jQuery
Meta-Me : Tip 50 – How to query a Data Service using JQuery
jQuery idleTimer plugin « Paul Irish
yayQuery Podcast - A jQuery Podcast
Tabify - Tabbed content with ease (jQuery plugin) | Unwrongest
Elastic - Make your textareas grow Facebook style jQuery plugin | Unwrongest
40 Useful jQuery Techniques and Plugins - Smashing Magazine
TipTip jQuery Plugin | Drewwilson.com
jQuery Masonry · David DeSandro - Masonry is a layout plugin for jQuery. Think of it as the flip side of CSS floats. Whereas floating arranges elements horizontally then vertically, Masonry arranges elements vertically then horizontally according to a grid. The result minimizes vertical gaps between elements of varying height, just like a mason fitting stones in a wall.
jQuery to the Rescue: Changing style and target for all external links on my site - Pete Brown's 10rem.net
FireQuery = Firebug extension for jQuery development
jQuerify Bookmarklet » Learning jQuery - Tips, Techniques, Tutorials
Introducing SelectorGadget: point and click CSS selectors
Ben Alman » jQuery equalizeBottoms
Sexy.js » A Sequential Ajax (Sajax) JavaScript library for jQuery - Sexy.js is a lightweight JavaScript library which provides enhanced Sequential Ajax (Sajax) functionality and a sleek facade to jQuery’s native Ajax methods.
.: Sammy :: Quirkey.com :: Code :: :: Quirkey NYC, LLC :: Aaron Quint :: Web Developer :: Brooklyn, NY :. - “It would be cool to implement Sinatra in JavaScript”
Signs of a poorly written jQuery plugin

jQuery and twitter

How To: Using jTweetr plugin for jQuery
Plugins | jQuery Plugins - offical jquery plugin page for jtweetr.
FullCalendar - Full-sized Calendar jQuery Plugin
Using FullCalendar jQuery component with ASP.NET MVC - Gunnar Peipman's ASP.NET blog

Use jquery to modify the contents of a div. (here we're incrementing the contents of div id="somedivid")
Check All Checkboxes with JQuery : iKnowKung(Foo).Blog();

What is the difference between .this. and .$(this). in Jquery
$(this)[0] == this
By using $(this) you can perform additional Jquery operations on the object. Jquery always selects an array of elements. If you are looking to operate directly on the DOM object, you can simply use this.

What are some of the ways to access a checkbox in Jquery using selector?
  • $('input:checkbox') - find all input elements of type checkbox.
  • $('#givenname') - give a checkbox an id and search for it.
  • $('.givenclass') - give a checkbox a class and search for it.
  • $("input[@name='givenname'][type='checkbox']") - give the checkbox a name and select it.

Foundations of Programming 2 - Appendix B - Advanced jQuery
Enterprise jQuery
jquery/jquery-datalink - GitHub - A data linking plugin for jQuery. This is the official jQuery DataLink plugin. The term "data linking" is used here to mean "automatically linking the field of an object to another field of another object." That is to say, the two objects are "linked" to each other, where changing the value of one object (the 'source') automatically updates the value in the other object (the 'target').
JQuery HowTo: QR Code (generator) plugin for jQuery & JavaScript
QR Code jQuery Plugin Demo
The Future of the Web » Official jQuery Templating Plugin » Web Development with JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and MySQL
Implementing the marquee tag using jQuery - LINQ to Fail
jQuery++ - jQuery’s bald-spot covering toupee. from the owner of CanJS
jQuery TOOLS - The missing UI library for the Web jquerytools/jquerytools · GitHub
jQuery UI
Ben Alman » All Projects
UI Layout Plug-in - Home - UI Layout – The Ultimate Page Layout Manager

jQuery UI DataTables

vedmack/yadcf Yet Another DataTables Column Filter - (yadcf) This jQuery plug-in allows the user to easily add filter components to table columns, the plug-in works on top of the DataTables jQuery plug-in.

jquery ui tabs

Boduch's Blog: jQuery UI URL Tabs - a tabs widget that will behave like plain old links
Boduch's Blog: jQuery UI: Notifying Users About Tabs
Boduch's Blog: jQuery UI: Pre-loading Remote Tab Content

Sliding side menus with Sidr

Sidr - A jQuery plugin for creating side menus
artberri/sidr-package - bower install sidr

A better select with Chosen

	jQuery(".chosen").data("placeholder","A better select ...").chosen();
Chosen: A jQuery Plugin by Harvest to Tame Unwieldy Select Boxes harvesthq/chosen
jQuery Chosen Plugin - a review by David Walsh.
chosen - cdnjs.com - the missing cdn for javascript and css
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