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Roku | Developer Home
Roku SDK Documentation - Roku SDK Documentation - Developer Documentation
Developer Guide - Roku SDK Documentation - Developer Documentation
Roku Developers (@RokuDev) | Twitter

roku channels

Private | Roku Channels

roku apps

Protuhj/myvideobuzz: MyVideoBuzz - This project is a fork of Roku YouTube by jesstech. Updates include API fixes, additional features, and the removal of OAuth settings.

making games on roku

Developing for Roku with Marmalade - Quickly create games for Roku in C++

roku channel development

How to Create a Roku Channel in 5 Minutes - instanttvchannel channels.
Zype - Video Business Made Simple Zype Developer Portal | Home

roku libraries

Player SDK for Roku - Ustream Developers - Ustream Player SDK lets you play Ustream live and recorded videos in your native applications. Using the SDK gives you full control over the embedded Player, including a customizable native user interface, callbacks on status changes
plexinc/roku-client-public - official Plex client for the Roku.

roku easter eggs || roku hidden features

From: Roku Secrets | Roku for Dummies

To access undocumented features of your Roku, enter the following key sequences on the remote.  You should be at the home position before beginning with no errors on the screen.

Secret Screen (System Info, Resets, USB Test, Logging)

Home x5
Fast Forward x3
Rewind x2

Platform Secret Screen (Temp, IP, SSID, WIFI Details)

(Per Roku Chat Support, Roku LT, Roku 2 XS, and Roku 3 all operate at 40-45 degree celsius)

Home Button x 5
FF x 1
Play x 1
RW x 1
Play x 1
FF x 1

Channel Version Screen

Home Button x 3
Up x 2
Left x 1
Right x 1
Left x 1
Right x 1
Left x 1

Access Roku Debug/Bandwith Cap Screen

Home Button x 5
RW x 3
FF x 2

Access Roku Developer Mode (“Side-Load” a Roku Channel)

Home Button x 3
Up x 2
Right x 1
Left x 1
Right x 1
Left x 1
Right x 1
Note URL of Roku
Select Enable Installer
Accept Developer Agreement
Open URL of Roku in Browser

Roku 3 Enable Speakers Plus Headphone Jack Toggle (no R3 to test this on)

To toggle it on and off, press these buttons on the remote volume control while the headphone is inserted…

Up x 2
Down x 2
Up x 3
Down x 3

Roku 2 ‘Downgrade’ from firmware 5.x to 4.9  (start at Home screen)

Home x 5
FF x 3
RW x 2
click on “Update software”

roku hack || roku hacking || roku rooting || roku root

Hacking Roku | Jean-Paul Saman - rooting the Roku HD1000
Exploiting Roku - Exploitee.rs

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