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articles in Tech windows
Annoyances in the MS platform
Helpful programs you might want in MS Windows.
How old is...
Implementing a backup solution in Windows.
Media Center PCs
Microsoft certs
Microsoft Dynamics - microsoft's ERP/CRM/BizTalk.
MS Communication Server / Speech Server - MS's stab at things voice.
Nuget and that chocolatey goodness.
Office applications and programming
Powershell - .NET control and automation.
Programming Smart Clients
Sharepoint - MS team collaboration, document management, search, and more.
Tablet PC - Pen computing makes a computer more usable.
Useful ports to have around
WebDav and remote filesystems
WebPI - Web Platform Installer
Windows 7, otherwise known as win7
Windows and Cygwin/MinGW/coLinux - dump some GPL in your WIN32
Windows based network auditing
Windows Hotkeys
Windows Mobile 5 Stuff
Windows Server notes - NT, win2003, ws2008, win2008
Windows shell bat cmd.exe batch tips
Windows Stuff
WMI, Event Log, WinLogon, SENS, UI Automation, MSAA
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