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Kids programming - getting kids interested in programming.

When I was a kid, computers and programming languages were just about in sync. You didn't have to have a studio of programmers, modelers, and graphics guys...just copy the sprite to x,y. :) Easy to do and easy to understand.

These days to get anyones attention in software you need to have a lot of wow factors. Esp. when it comes to games.  Kids grow up playing them...and then they want to start out developing what they saw when they played games as a kid....not so fast.

So it is pretty evident to me.... that I'm going to have to find an easy to use programming language to somehow excite them into interest.

Articles relating
Why Johnny Can't Program

Languages and platforms
Alice.org - CMU's project for learning to program interactive 3D graphics
Scratch - MIT's project for kids programming teachor.
KPL and Phrogram
Microsoft Small Basic - BASIC programming language and is based on the Microsoft .Net platform. It is really small with just 15 keywords and uses minimal concepts to keep the barrier to entry as low as possible. Silverlight support.

Kotodama: The power of words - uses Panda3D to teach child new japanese

Girls Ask Alice for Programming Skills

What about something like pygame?
Python is a great language for learning. It is very concise and object oriented.

The real question comes then, is there a good tutorial/book with the young reader in mind?

Creating Games with Pygame
ShowMeDo: Writing Arinoid using pyGame [direct link to 1]
Wikipedia: Pygame

The absolute newbies guide to SDL.NET - SDL.NET

Kodu - Microsoft Research - program using an xbox 360 controller!
Pyjama - IPRE Wiki - The Pyjama Project is a framework for learning, doing, and playing with computation

MATH with my KIDS
Ruby for kids and Gosu, 2D game development library
Learn | Code.org

programming_for_kids [thecrumb.com - wiki]
The Pragmatic Bookshelf | 3D Game Programming for Kids - Chris Strom's javascript game programming for kids.

Logo || Turtle || I like turtles

Logo (programming language) - Wikipedia
Turtle Academy - learn logo programming in your browser free programming materials for kids

The 75-Year Saga Behind a Game That Teaches Preschoolers to Code | Enterprise | WIRED Robot Turtles | The Board Game that Teaches Programming to Kids

Karel the robot

Karel (programming language) - Wikipedia
Karel The Robot
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