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Internet explorer - the default webbrowser.

IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs
status.modern.ie - Internet Explorer Web Platform Status and Roadmap - status.modern.IE

Internet Explorer 11: “Don’t call me IE” | NCZOnline - IE 11 doesn't want to be known as IE.
Win 7 IE v11.0.9600.16659 /w 11.0.5 update, sometimes IE won't open new tabs without showing developer tools. Very frustrating, I assume an addon or something strange, but really!

Internet explorer(IE) is a fine browser. It is not my first choice, I am more of a firefox fan myself. However, I always use IE when firefox is acting up...and I also end up using something like IEtab for when a site requires IE. (perhaps for activex support)

First I'd like to say, CodeProject: Shell and IE programming. - really, lots of great articles in the IE programming section of codeproject...

IWebBrowser2 Stopping and Disabling Popups

csexwb2 - Project Hosting on Google Code - csEXWB is a C# .NET 2.0 control that creates, hosts and sinks the events of the original Webbrowser control (Not .NET or any other wrapper).
Why I Am No Longer Supporting IE6
ie7-js - Project Hosting on Google Code - IE7.js is a JavaScript library to make Microsoft Internet Explorer behave like a standards-compliant browser. It fixes many HTML and CSS issues and makes transparent PNG work correctly under IE5 and IE6.
IE6ify Bookmarklet - I have been able to reproduce the IE6 algorithm to break even the most standards-compliant websites.
CSS3 PIE: CSS3 decorations for IE
Selectivizr - CSS3 pseudo-class and attribute selectors for IE 6-8
Modernizr - Modernizr adds classes to the <html> element which allow you to target specific browser functionality in your stylesheet.
My DebugBar | IETester / Browser Compatibility Check for Internet Explorer Versions from 5.5 to 8

IE Browser control/sync in COM

Controlling and listening to events in IE is all possible with the COM interface GUIDs.
#include shlguid.h // guids and types for IID_IWebBrowser2, DIID_DWebBrowserEvents2, etc.
#include exdispid.h // dispatch ids for browser like DISPID_DOCUMENTCOMPLETE, etc.
daily blah: Using IWebBrowser - extends a CAxWidnow and implements IDispEventImpl.


Really, you can pretty much access any part of the Internet Explorer DOM through COM guids. Get your IDispatch pointers and query for the type you want.

CodeGuru: Viewing the IE Document Object Model - WTL treeview in ATL Browser Helper Object.
CodeProject: Creating a Yahoo! Mail Client using IWebBrowser2 and DHTML.
CodeCentrix: IHTMLDocument3::getElementsByTagName and IHTMLElementCollection
CodeProject: IEHelper - Internet Explorer Helper Class. - class uses IWebBrowser2, IHTMLDocument2 and IHTMLElement. (does not sync IE events)
daily blah: Getting selected text in web browser control?
CodeProject: Using the WebBrowser control, simplified..
CodeProject: Integrating DHTML into MFC Views.

Things to know about when hosting IE

How To Determine When a Page Is Done Loading in WebBrowser Control
How to get the WebBrowser object model of an HTML frame
How to sink HTML document events for WebBrowser host
How to: Implement Two-Way Communication Between DHTML Code and Client Application Code
WebBrowser hosting XAP and WPF interop : The Official Microsoft Silverlight Site - last response is pretty good...
How To Change the Font Size in a WebBrowser Control That Is Hosted Inside a Visual Basic Application - using ExecWB in .NET

WPF and IE

WPF – Float Buttons Over Web Browser Control « Karl On WPF – .Net - you can't just position any old control over top a web browser control in WPF, but you can float a popup window.
Interacting with the Web Browser Control - using System.Runtime.InteropServices to do COM dispatch interop events raised by the browser's document in C#
WPF WebBrowser and JavaScript interaction - inject javascript into a WPF browser by finding the head element and appending a IHTMLScriptElement.

Gettin jiggy wit MSHTML

When hosting the web browser, there are many times when you'd like to disable certain functionality. Or if you'd like to offer WYSIWYG HTML editing functionality.
CodeProject: Using MSHTML Advanced Hosting Interfaces. - IDocHostUIHandler, from .NET.
CodeIdol - Thinking about C# Cookbook, 2nd Edition - Web - Working With HTML
Tim Sneath : Programming HTML with C#
Mark Finkle's Weblog: MSHTML Hosting - Odds & Ends
Mark Finkle's Weblog: IE7 Changes for MSHTML Embedding

MSHTML customization

WebBrowser Customization - This tutorial shows you several ways to customize the "out of the box" behavior and appearance of the WebBrowser Control. You'll see how to use the advanced hosting interfaces IDocHostUIHandler, IDocHostUIHandler2, IDocHostShowUI, and ICustomDoc. This article will also look at other customization techniques such as download control through handling DISPID_AMBIENT_DLCONTROL in the host's IDispatch implementation, and using IHostDialogHelper.
WebBrowser Customization (Part 2) - Part 2 of this article explains how to retrieve a reference to the client site while processing IPersistMoniker::Load, and how to use the IServiceProvider and IOleCommandTarget interfaces to send messages between the Active document (DocObject) and its host.
Avoice :: Blocking images similar to Outlook in .NET 2.0 :: May :: 2006 - Implements DISPID_AMBIENT_DLCONTROL in C# using .NET 2.0
Avoice :: Mshtml “UI-less” Parser :: May :: 2006 - pretty much implemented a working example of the sample WalkAll. C# support DOM without WebBrowser!
How to customize the context menus of a WebBrowser control via the IDocHostUIHandler interface. - CodeProject
Component-Based Development with Visual C# - CodeProject

IE 8 stuff

Download details: Windows Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 for Windows XP
eBay - Internet Explorer 8 Beta - Activities and WebSlice Enabled Search

z-index in IE

Oh IE.
z-index misconceptions, IE bugs and fixes | David Tong
Relative, z-index, and IE - ltslashgt
Position | jQuery UI - doesn't belong here, but I thought it was cool, lets you position elements relative to one another.

IE Compatibility mode

When your modern site doesn't look right in modern IE, first think, am I using Compat. mode? Cause, your modern browser might be acting more like IE7 than a modern browser. Friends don't let friends stay in IE Compatibility mode.
Defining document compatibility (Internet Explorer)
Resolve JSON is Undefined Error in Internet Explorer
Blake's Application Development Blog : Internet Explorer Error: SCRIPT5009: ‘JSON’ is undefined
Which means that developers need to support the modern browsers, and then use something like yepnope.js | A Conditional Loader For Your Polyfills! to test for window.JSON, or send douglascrockford/json2.js blindly since its small and detects if JSON is already defined. Oh, the price of backwards compatibility!
//yepnope.js is only 1.7kb
//Modernizr now includes yepnope.js and you can use their feature-detect for json if you've got it.
// I am not suggesting you use unminified js, just pointing to the latest resources for your viewing pleasure. 
  test: window.JSON,
  nope: 'https://raw.github.com/douglascrockford/JSON-js/master/json2.js',
  complete: function () {
    var data = window.JSON.parse('{ "json" : "string" }');
Modernizr: the feature detection library for HTML5/CSS3
JSON undefined issues on IE8 and IE9 - chapter31 » - there's the X-UA-Compatible edge method using meta tags or headers, I prefer the javascript solution.
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