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(The gopher has no name. He's just the "Go gopher".)
The Go Gopher - The Go Blog

Go programming

The Go Programming Language - Go includes concurrency mechanisms (goroutine, channel and select). Go compiles quickly to machine code yet has the convenience of garbage collection and the power of run-time reflection. It's a fast, statically typed, compiled language that feels like a dynamically typed, interpreted language.
A Tour of Go
Calling C++ from Go without using SWIG « Yi Wang's Tech Noteswangkuiyi/go-cpp · GitHub
The Go Programming Language Blog
Homepage - Docker: the Linux container engine - yup, LXC open-source application container engine mentioned a bit more in Xen - hypervisor for the masses. - Dave Horner's Website

Statically Recompiling NES Games into Native Executables with LLVM and Go - Andrew Kelley
cloudson/gitql - Gitql is a Git query language.
boltdb/bolt - Bolt is a pure Go key/value store Go-nuts and Bolts
inconshreveable/muxado - stream multiplexing library in Go that can be layered on top of a net.Conn to multiplex that stream
hashicorp/yamux - Yamux (Yet another Multiplexer) is a multiplexing library for Golang.
gocircuit/circuit - Circuit: Assembler for the cloud

Ethos (background) - leverages Go for systems programming; Ethos, an OS intended to serve as a platform for highly secure software. The kernel is written in C, but the userspace applications will be written in Go -- render unto C what is C's, and render unto Go what Go's.


Steelseries GoLisp - GoLisp is a simple Lisp language and runtime implemented in Google’s Go programming language. SteelSeries/golisp: A Scheme-flavored Lisp implemented in Go.
github.com/veonik/go-lisp - Go Walker - A simple Lisp interpreter developed in Go

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