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wxWigets - cross platform GUI

wxWigets is a cross platform C++ GUI system. I don't yet know how I feel about the project. I've used it extensively for a few projects, but it many times feels a little bloated... though what do you expect from a UI library that is cross platform.
It is nice to have a object model that is open and free for UI functionality on the desktop. There is even some talk of using it on small embedded devices too! I also love that there are scripting languages like python and php to allow for scriptable data objects.

Here are some of my notes on building wxWidgets cross platform using multiple build enviroments. Most of this information is here so that I don't pull my hair out when building the libraries for my own projects.

wxWigets 2.4.2 on VS2003/VS2005
Here is how to compile wxWigets 2.4.2 with openGL support in windows using VS2003.
1. Download and install to c:\wxWindows-2.4.2
2. Define wxUSE_GLCANVAS as 1, and wxUSE_STD_IOSTREAM as 1 in include\wx\msw\setup.h.
3. Open and compile src\wxWindows.dsw.

wxWigets 2.7.1 on VS2005
1) Download the file wxMSW-2.7.1.zip to your C:\.
2) Unzip the file so that you are left with C:\wxMSW-2.7.1\
3) Define wxUSE_GLCANVAS as 1, and wxUSE_STD_IOSTREAM as 1 in C:\wxMSW-2.7.1\include\wx\msw\setup.h.
4) Build C:\wxMSW-2.7.1\build\msw\wx.dsw.
5) Open C:\wxMSW-2.7.1\samples\samples.dsp.
6) Build cube project to see if OpenGL works.

Update: Looks like I'm going to have to check out wxAUI as it has been included in the trunk of wxWidgets.

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