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git - trees, blobs, commits and other thoughts

Git, an open source DVCS developed originally for Linux Kernel development. directed acyclic graphs DAGNABIT.
Git is a Directed Acyclic Graph
Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAGs)


Git - Fast Version Control System
Git - Book - entire Pro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub and published by Apress


stefanbuck/awesome-browser-extensions-for-github: A collection of awesome browser extensions for GitHub.
phillipadsmith/awesome-github: A curated list of GitHub's awesomeness

git tools, git gui, git interfaces

msysgit - Google Code project which officially supports git distributions using MinGW/MSys for win32!
sourcetree - Free Mercurial and Git Client for Windows and Mac | Atlassian SourceTree - atlassian

tutorials, crashcourses, and cheatsheets

git-tips/tips: Most commonly used git tips and tricks.
arslanbilal/git-cheat-sheet: git cheat sheet and git flow
A tutorial introduction to git (for version 1.5.1 or newer)
Git - SVN Crash Course
An introduction to git-svn for Subversion/SVK users and deserters

Linus Torvalds on GIT and SCM
The official site: Git - Fast Version Control System
Git Guide
Using Git for Samba Development
git for WindowsInstall wiki page
SourceForge.net: Git Extensions - shell extension will integrate in Windows Explorer and presents a nice context menu on files.

git hosting solutions

Secure source code hosting and collaborative development - GitHub Bitbucket - the Git solution for professional teams | Atlassian
GitHub - gogits/gogs: Gogs (Go Git Service) is a painless self-hosted Git service.
Phabricator - host SVN,git,hg code review wiki, bugs,etc used by Facebook.
Code, test, and deploy together with GitLab open source git repo management software | GitLab
scie.nti.st » Hosting Git repositories, The Easy (and Secure) Way

git addons

stevemao/awesome-git-addons: A curated list of addons that extends git cli.

Dulwich is a pure-Python implementation of the Git file formats and protocols. Dulwich Tutorial
A successful Git branching model » nvie.com which is related to nvie's gitflow at 0.2 - GitHub.
Git Workflows Book – Yan Pritzker

git tutorials and git gameification

Gazler/githug - Git Your Game On
icefox/git-achievements - Aquire achievements while using git.
Git How To: Guided Git Tutorial | Git How To

Git Immersion - Brought to you by Neo

rsms/gitblog - Git-based blog/cms for PHP, meant as a replacement for Wordpress
GITLAB: Self Hosted Git Management Application
Prose · A Content Editor for GitHub
Learn Git Branching - designed to help beginners grasp the powerful concepts behind branching when working with git.
Tailor Code Editor - Tailor is a testing and demonstration platform for a pure javascript Git workflow implemented using the open source (MIT License) ryanackley/git-html5.js Tailor Chrome app
Conversational Git – Conversational Git
git ready » learn git one commit at a time
Git is a framework for creating a Version Control System - Girders
nvie/gitflow - collection of Git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen's branching modelA successful Git branching model » nvie.com
Why aren't you using git-flow? – Jeff Kreeftmeijer

Git Submodules: Adding, Using, Removing, Updating :: Chris Jean

undo git add

use "git rm --cached ..." to unstage.
version control - Undo 'git add' before commit - Stack Overflow

cool-RR/git-cascade - git cascade - Cascade changes from each branch to its dependents. git forward-merge - Merge branches without checking them out.

Ignore chmod changes in GIT

git config core.filemode false


GrantStreetGroup/gitc - App::Gitc; Git Changesets is a wrapper around git to handle code review workflow. gitc Wiki

acme/git-pureperl - Git::PurePerl - A Pure Perl interface to Git repositories
Git::Wrapper - Git::Wrapper provides an API for git(7) that uses Perl data structures for argument passing, instead of CLI-style --options as Git does. genehack/Git-Wrapper
genehack/app-gitgitr - gitgitr Download, build, and install new git releases. if you maintain something like Git::Wrapper, the ability to quickly install a particular git version comes up way more often than you would like. (lol!)
genehack/app-gitgot - got is a script to make it easier to manage all the version controlled repositories you have on all the computers you use.
mjdominus/git-util Mark Dominus's git utilities along with The Universe of Discourse : My Git Habits

sitaramc/gitolite Gitolite allows you to host Git repositories easily and securely.Hosting Git Repositories (with gitolite)
git, gitosis, gitweb and friends… | The Technical Blog of James
Config::GitLike - git-compatible config file parsing - metacpan.org - git-compatible config file parsing; which look a bit like ini files, but not.
Git fractals - Sierpi?ski triangles using Git. Cayley graph of F2

cleaning up large git repos

there are times when people commit very large files or things that shouldn't have been committed. It isn't as simple as just doing a git rm to get it out of your history and reduce the git repo s size.

To see your git size run: git count-objects -v
The size-pack value is the size of your repository when it is pushed to a remote server. The size-pack value is in kilobytes.
You can use git to clean up files, but I would suggest using BFG, it works really well and is much faster than git at cleaning up repos.
BFG Repo-Cleaner by rtyley
It's important that you use the --mirror command when doing this, if you don't you will find yourself deleting the content and finding it coming back when you pull.
java -jar ..\bfg-1.12.16.jar -D *file_regex*
git clone --mirror ssh://git@...
git reflog expire --expire=now --all && git gc --prune=now --aggressive
git push
Reduce repository size - Atlassian Documentation
Permanently remove files and folders from Git repo - using git filter-branch to clean up space.
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