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.NET Data story (MSSQL, MS SQL Express, SQL Compact, TSQL, LINQ, EF)

MSSQL, MS SQL Express, SQL Compact, TSQL, LINQ

Entity Framework (EF)

I am very excited about the entity framework. Multi vendor support is also going to be very nice.
EDMX - entity framework mapping BI objects to data tables.
system.data.objects dev guy : Entity Services, Metadata & Mapping
SCIP.be - Artikelen : .NET - ADO.NET Entity Framework & LINQ to Entities - deel 3
From ADO.Net 2.0 to ADO.Net Entity Framework E-SQL - Guy Burstein's Blog
Greg's Cool [Insert Clever Name] of the Day: Databinding the Entity Framework to the Free Xceed WPF DataGrid
Data Platform Center - news on happens in things data @ microsoft.
Entity SQL - Home
Entity Framework Mapping Helper - Home
Perseus: Entity Framework EntityBag - Home
ADO.NET Entity Framework Extensions - Home
ADO .NET Entity Framework Vote of No Confidence

Sync Framework

Introduction to the Microsoft Sync Framework Runtime
Microsoft Sync Framework Developer Center

SQL Server 2008

Microsoft SQL Server Community & Samples - Home
Download details: SQL Server 2008 SP1
SQL Server 2008 MCM Readiness Videos


ADO.net transactional support dataset/table adapter.
Data Access Tutorials : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
SourceForge.net: ADO.NET 2.0 Provider for SQLite
LINQ To SQL O/R Mapper for ADO.NET Data Access Layer Queries

Database stuff

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Books Online
Smart Client Data : Installing Northwind on SqlExpress
ADO.NET team blog
TopXML : Learn SQLXML in .NET Tutorial (.NET Framework)
Using the SQLXML Managed Classes

SQL Server

Predictive analytics
SQL Server Integration Services - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An Introduction to SQL Server 2005 Integration Services: Microsoft TechNet SQL Server TechCenter
SQL Server Data Mining > Home
Microsoft SQL Server Samples & Community Projects - Home
Free SQL Server tools that might make your life a little easier

nHibernate - ORMs

NHibernate Best Practices with ASP.NET, 1.2nd Ed. - The Code Project - ASP.NET
hibernate.org - NHibernate for .NET
How to map a tree in NHibernate
fluent-nhibernate - Google Code
NHibernate - NHibernate.DataBinding
I Am Not Myself - NHibernate: Testing The Performance Urban Legend
Napalmpiri · A quickstart with NHibernate for Dummies like me.
CodeProject: NHibernate Made Simple.
CodeProject: TDD using SqlCE and NHibernate.
Fluent NHibernate – Convention over configuration – AutoPersistenceModel auto map magic - VusCode - Coding dreams since 1998!
The NHibernate Profiler - NHibernate Profiler is a real-time visual debugger allowing a development team to gain valuable insight and perspective into their usage of NHibernate.

SQL Server 2008 Express manager

Download details: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express with Tools which might also require Download details: Windows Installer 4.5


Erik EJ blogs about .net and related stuff: Hidden gem: Rename table
Looking to rename a table...sp_rename (Transact-SQL)


I have to say that I'm pretty excited about LINQ. There is a lot of very neat things possible with it. Very clean code.
Barry Gervin's Software Architecture Perspectives : Linq Resources
101 LINQ Samples
LINQ to filesystem
LINQPad - Execute LINQ queries and Regular Expressions interactively, comes loaded with examples too.
CodeProject: MyFriends : A simple contact keeper using XLINQ/LINQ/WPF.
developments - Introducing LINQ: Language-Integrated Query - September 11th, 2007
LINQ in Action - LINQ Book & News : LINQ support on .NET 2.0
Charlie Calvert's Community Blog : Links to LINQ
Bunch of videos on C# and Linq.
Charlie Calvert's Community Blog : Anders Hejlsberg Film Festival: The C# and other VS Language Teams at the Movies
CodeProject: LINQ Challenges and SQL Server Compact Edition.
Mircea Trofin's blog : LINQ Framework Design Guidelines
Walkthrough: Manipulating Data (C#) (LINQ to SQL)
C# 3.0 in a Nutshell - LINQBridge - LINQ for .net 2.0
LinqToBitTorrent - LINQ to BitTorrent is a custom .NET LINQ query provider implementation that translates LINQ queries into HTTP requests that accesses various BitTorrent search engine APIs and RSS feeds.
Scott Chamberlin — LINQ Ruined My Favorite Interview Question
//Return the top 10 most frequently occurring words in a string.
    var words = s.Split(' ');
    var wordCounts = words.GroupBy(x => x).Select(x => new { Name = x.Key, Count = x.Count() }).OrderByDescending(x => x.Count);  
    var countedWords = wordCounts.Select(x => x.Name).Take(10).ToList();

SQL Compact, SQLCE

SQL Server Compact - Compact & Capable - SQL Server Compact Team Blog
Download details: SQL Server Compact 3.5 SP1 and Synchronization Services for ADO.NET v1.0 SP1 for Windows Desktop
SQL Compact data and schema export utility - Home - remember to use correct arg. format, if you just spec the file, it'll crash.
Erik EJ blogs about .net and related stuff - includes a lot of great info about SQL Compact
Steve Lasker's Web Log : Creating your SQL Server Compact Edition database and schema in code
OakLeaf Systems: Upgraded Northwind.sdf File for SSCE v3.5 Available for Download
Steve Lasker's Web Log : PDC 2008 - Embedding SQL Server Compact In Desktop And Device Applications - focused on the deployment aspects of SQL Server Compact, including the new 64bit deployment scenarios.
Erik EJ blogs about .net and related stuff: Binding SQL Compact data to WPF in less than 100 lines of code
SQL Server Compact - Compact & Capable : LINQ with SQL Server Compact (a.k.a. DLINQ with SQL CE)
This Blog Can Also Be A Hat : SQL CE 3.5 with LINQ to SQL - talks a bit about using LINQ on SQLCe, notes a passing an SQLCeConnection into the DataContext to reduce startup/teardown of the SQLCe connections. It includes a ConnectionPool which handles threading issues associated with SQLCeConnection.
Technical Issues & Solutions: ASP.Net 3.5 Extension Dynamic Data, SQL Compact Edition 3.5, Linq, IIS7
Native Mobile: SQL Compact and threads

SQLCE identity columns and EF

ADO.NET Entity Framework, SQLCE and identity columns
argh, SQL Server Compact does not support entities with server-generated keys or values when it is used with the Entity Framework.
You get an error like this: {"Server-generated keys and server-generated values are not supported by SQL Server Compact."}
Entity Framework (SQL Server Compact)
Steve Lasker's Web Log : Privately Deploying SQL Server Compact with the ADO.NET Entity Provider

SQL Server Compact DLLs

sqlcese35.dll - Native Storage Engine
sqlceqp35.dll - Native Query Processor
sqlceme35.dll - Native / Managed Translation Layer
System.Data.SqlServerCe.dll - ADO.NET Managed Provider
sqlcecompact35.dll - Compression & Upgrade APIs
sqlceca35.dll - Merge Replication, RDA Client APIs Only needed for Merge & RDA, Not needed for Sync Services for ADO.NET
sqlceoledb35.dll - OleDB API –Needed for C++, VB Classic, & Merge/RDA OleDB APIs Designed for Mobile Devices Not a full desktop OleDB Implementation
sqlceer35EN.dll - Localized Error Strings, only needed when errors returned directly to the user

asp.net dynamic data services (astoria)

Astoria is now ADO.NET Dynamic Data
ASP.NET Dynamic Data : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
Microsoft Project Codename "Astoria"
Project Astoria Team Blog
ASP.NET Dynamic Data : The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site
Working with ADO.NET Data Services in AJAX - Jim Wang's Blog
Dynamic Data – GUIDs/uniqueidentifiers as primary keys « Alex Duggleby’s Palace of Words - changes the dynamic data master template and implements a context menu where you can generate a GUID in the textbox for the primary key.
ASP.NET Dynamic Data + guid - ASP.NET Forums - this also suggests to update the XML and let the DB create the GUID.
StoreGeneratedPattern="Computed" // EF
IsDbGenerated="true" // L2S
Technical Notes : Walkthrough: Filtering Table Rows in Dynamic Data - blog with other good dynamic data entries as well...
Ricka on Dynamic Data
Technical Notes - another blog on dynamic data
MSDN Magazine: ASP.NET Dynamic Data - Build a Data-Driven Enterprise Web Site in 5 Minutes

Reports (ssis and rdlc)

How to render client report definition files (.rdlc) directly to the Response stream without preview - Raj Kaimal
JEF CLAES ON .NET AND LIFE: Programmatically/Dynamically building an RDLC

TSQL / MSSQL specifics

SQL SERVER – Difference TempTable and Table Variable – TempTable in Memory a Myth « Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave
beyondrelational.com - I like the tsql challenges...
Listing All MS SQL Server Databases Using T-SQL
sp_MSForEachTable Example T-SQL Code to Count all Rows in all Tables in MS SQL Server Database
quick, how do I add a user to a SQL Express server?
sp_addLogin 'user','pass','defdatabase';
sp_addsrvrolemember 'user','sysadmin';
use yourdb;
exec sp_adduser 'user';
add uid=user;pwd=pass to your connection string;

object hierarchies

Using LINQ to query object hierarchies - Gunnar Peipman's ASP.NET blog
Jason Allor's Blog : Hierarchical Data Trees with a Database
SCIP.be - Articles : .NET - LINQ AsHierarchy() extension method - part 1
SCIP.be - Articles : .NET - LINQ AsHierarchy() extension method - part 2
Eric White's Blog : How to Create Hierarchy from Flat Data using LINQ


Hal Nesbitt | Querying Netflix oData Catalog via JSON and jQuery
Netflix OData Query Maker
OData Catalog API (Preview)
jQuery + OData + Netflix Catalog API
nje/jquery-tmpl - GitHub
Using external templates with jQuery Templates - Encosia
Netflix, jQuery, JSONP, and OData
Blogstipation cleared – jQuery Templates – bondigeek.com

SQL Server Performance tuning

Glenn Berry's SQL Server Performance | Semi-random musings about SQL Server performance
SQLIO.orgSQLIO.org - A resource site for all things related to SQLIO
SQLIO Analyzer Instructions - Tools.DavidKlee.net
skreebydba | fun with sql server

New release of Perl DBD::ODBC with support for MS SQL Server Query Notification | martin-evans.me.uk
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