"hello world"
articles in Tech random-technology
Adobe stuff
ahk autohotkey
Augmented Reality - Remember Max Headroom?
Blender - Open source 3d game engine
Bootable ISOs and tools
Charlieplexing and other esoteric LED drivers.
Compare Diff Merge Integrate Resolve Visually - tools to compare this and that.
Computer Forensics
Crypto Currency
data interchange formats- CSV, XML, JSON*, BSON, YAML, HAML, TOML and others
DIY Fix midi keys on AKAI MPK25
DVD-RAM video editing
Electric Sheep - Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?
Embedded ethernet
Fonts - type face or in other words text that looks aesthetically pleasing.
FTP - File transfer Protocol
Great Lodge of the Royal Order of Yaks - Yak Shaving
Amateur Radio || Ham Radio
HP touchpad - WebOS
Information Visualization
jEdit - programming text editor
Language - natural language processing NLP and other utterances.
M-Audio AV30 speaker repair
Managing photos and duplicates
messaging - MessageQueue PubSub STOMP AMQP MQTT
Mindmapping - getting your thoughts down in a dynamic form.
MJPEG video editing
Music Production on a computer.
Networking notes - wireshark, load balancing, IPv6, etc.
Particle Photon SparkCore
Games - a moment for other things.
RSS Rich Site Summary
Samsung Galaxy
SDR software defined radio
Security stuff - things that you need to learn, cause the other guys know.
SEO, analytics, and link management
Setting up video conferences
SVG Rose - Fun with vector graphics.
The Smart Car - wow, we really have Knight Rider.
The Three Laws of Test Driven Development (TDD)
Issue tracking systems
Using the wiimote.
WebRTC - Real-Time Communications
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