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Augmented Reality - mixing the virtual with the real.

Computer Mediated Reality
These interfaces are becoming viable....we may soon look something like this. :)
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I'm pretty interested in augmented reality.  Someday I would like to dive into this area more.  Here are some of the resources and papers that are of interest to me.
augmented reality to augmented virtuality.

Papers and projects

What is the best fiducial?
Furniture Assembly Instructor
Combining ARToolKit with Scene Graph Libraries
t2gck projects: Flip Driven Theater / book type interface - Media with a time series but it offers an alternative method for viewing (audio/video from artags)
Mediated Reality with implementations for everyday life

Tools and resources

ARToolKitPlus 2.0
AMIRE - authoring mixed reality
AR Scene Graph
Open Scene Graph - object oriented framework for OpenGL.
DART :The Designer's Augmented Reality Toolkit
BazAR: A vision based fast detection library
reacTIVision is an open source, cross-platform computer vision framework for the fast and robust tracking of fiducial markers attached onto physical objects, as well as for multi-touch finger tracking.

Managed Augmented Reality

brains-N-brawn.com 0 Augmented Reality with Windows Presentation Foundation(WPF)
MenuBar.en - NyARToolkit - NyARToolkit is ARToolkit? class library derived from ARToolkit?-2.72.1. NyARToolkit supports major virtual machine platforms, Java / Android / C# / ActionScript3*1/C++
MenuBar.en - NyARToolkitCS - NyARToolkitCS is an ARToolKit built with 100% pure C#. It is derived from NyARToolkit for Java. This module uses no native code.
Kodierer [Coder]: World# - Real Time 3D Augmented Reality with Silverlight - Rene Schulte - Coding .Net and Silverlight with C#
Kodierer [Coder]: Silverlight 4 Augmented Reality Proof Of Concept - Rene Schulte - Coding .Net and Silverlight with C#

Possible sensors for measurement

Laser Product vendors

I've been asked many times what I think augmented reality will be like and what it is...at this point it is a little fuzzy. Think of augmented reality as the fusion of real life with computers. Augmented reality will create displays for the user to peer into the real world and fuse digital information into that world.

An simple example of this is shown on ARToolKit's Homepage:

What good is augmented reality?

Well using this technology we will be able to replace our normal vision with computer vision. Some day there will be VR google that display camera input in realtime to the user. So that when the user moves their head they get a realtime update of what the CCD sensor senses. The eye and the camera will be calibrated and the computer will enhance and warp the image to correct for any lense distortions.

So it is already cool that we can correct for bad vision using a computerized vision system. But is really gets cool when we start to integrate computerized data with your normal everyday vision.

For example, lets say you want to start taking classes at a university. You would look up how to contact that university online and get contact information as well as digital maps of the university for your augmented reality computer to ingest and process while you are at the university.

Now when you call the university, (using your augmented reality computer with wifi video sip phone) your AR machine can position a picture of the person you are talking to, of where you are on campus. You literally will have a heads up display for life.

Think about it, if you could build a computer to recognize faces, you would never have to remember names ever again. The computer would already know the person and label the person in your perspective. Very neat!

I know it sounds a little out there, but here is some research that suggests we are closer to this than you might think.

Intelligent Navigation
ISMAR 2006 :: Demos
Virtual Reality and Phobias
Development of an Augmented Reality system using ARToolKit and user invisible markers.
Image Processing and the ARToolkit
Interactive Augmentation of Live Images using a HDR Stereo Camera
Augmented Chemistry
Handheld Augmented Reality
Augmented reality at NRC - some nice videos too
HandVu - vision based hand gesture interface.
Total Immersion's Video Gallery
Augmented Reality: Integration of Ogre with ARToolkit (Plus)
ARToolKit Plus license talk thread
Towards Massively Multi-User Augmented Reality on Handheld Devices
Multi-modal event streams for virtual reality
The World as a User Interface: Augmented Reality for Ubiquitous Computing
Picture Cube: create 3d paper cube from pics.

Many thoughts about AR become very interesting when we think about retinal imaging systems. I'm a big fan of Ray Kurzweil, and believe such things will be available if time prevails. If you haven't read or heard anything by Ray, checkout: Killer App Expo - Ray Kurzweil (hosted in my hometown)

Control using haptics and gestures.

MS is giving away some code which would be neat to leverage... it allows you to control the PC using a webcam and colored markers.
Touchless SDK - Release: Touchless 1.0 - multi touch open source using DirectShow.
CHAI 3D - an open source, freely available set of C++ libraries for computer haptics, visualization and interactive real-time simulation. CHAI 3D supports several commercially-available three- and six-degree-of-freedom haptic devices.
Dan's projects page - a lot of great work related to haptics.
VR Center: Three Steps Build a Haptic Model, lots of good info on Stereo vision too at VR Center

augmented reality reality

yup, some day soon...
Head on up to 'South Park' with Oculus Rift and have yourself a time
augmented reality reality
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