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Eclipse - open source extensible IDE.

Eclipse looks like a force in the developer IDE field. The fact that many large companies are picking up Eclipse for plugin development says a lot to me.

First things first...
With any programming text editor, I demand that I have secure remote access to files. There is a great plugin to add such features here:
Target Management project
subclipse.tigris.org - SVN integration for Eclipse.
pathtools - Google Code - Path Tools Eclipse Plug-in gives you the ability to copy the path, explore to a folder/file, or open cmdline from within eclipse.

How to use Subversion with Eclipse
Subclipse plugin for Eclipse
SFTP Plugin for Eclipse
Migrate Visual Studio C and C++ projects to Eclipse CDT

Word Wrap in eclipse

Add http://ahtik.com/eclipse-update/ for Virtual (also called "soft") word wrap feature. Installs new menuitem "Virtual Word Wrap" into all texteditors context menu. It does have issues, but better than nothing (wordwrap should come with Eclipse itself!)
AhtiK Ventures ยป First alpha of eclipse word wrap released!

Eclipse Shortcuts

Find matching brace in eclipse.

find matching bracket in Eclipse

You must be on the right hand side of a given bracket.
on a mac: apple+shift+p
on a pc: ctrl+shift+p
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