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Ubuntu Linux Notes

Ubuntu is a nice distro. It is based on Debian.
Ubuntu Home Page | Ubuntu

Download - Linux Mint - based on ubuntu.
Ultimate Edition
Wubi - Ubuntu Installer for Windows - Linux just like any other application.... runs inside windows.
Kubuntu | linux for human beings | Kubuntu - Kubuntu is a free, user-friendly operating system based on the KDE Software Compilation and on the award winning Ubuntu operating system.

Linux/Ubuntu blogs

Believe, Strategize, and Strike


How to add a Wireless LAN adaptor static IP to Ubuntu that auto connects at startup | How To | The Fan Club | dynamic design solutions

Ubuntu LiveCD

Ubuntu is known for have a nice LiveCD which boots on most every machine...
LiveCD - Community Ubuntu Documentation
LiveCDCustomization - Community Ubuntu Documentation
LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch - Community Ubuntu Documentation


polishlinux.org » APT-build — optimize your Debian!
Emerge clone for Debian-based distributions like Ubuntu, or: Compile your own, dude! « sysblogd


upgrade your packages. apt-get upgrade;
setup Automatic Updates - apt-get install unattended-upgrades

Hold back kernel updates

How do I prevent the current kernel from being replaced in 11.10? - Ask Ubuntu - aptitude hold linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic
How to skip kernel update? - Ask Ubuntu
12.04 - "The volume boot has only 0 bytes disk space remaining" - Ask Ubuntu - for some reason the default boot partition is setup with only 236M by default install in 15.10, tried resizing with parted and had trouble, decided to just prune the many kernels installed...
#list installed kernels
dpkg --get-selections | grep "linux-image-[[:digit:]].*" | tr "\t" ";" | cut -d ";" -f1
#purge kernel
sudo apt-get purge 
# remove uninstalled kernels.
sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get autoremove
#pin a kernel
echo linux-image-4.2.0-27-lowlatency hold | sudo dpkg --set-selections
#check out install/hold values of installed kernels
sudo dpkg --get-selections | grep linux-image
#if a line says deinstall, you can remove the package using:
sudo apt-get --purge remove linux-image-extra-4.2.0-16-generic
#update and upgrade
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade

Ubuntu 12.04: setting up Apache2 and SSL with self-signed certificate ? d.klwe
Enable htaccess rewrite on Apache2 Ubuntu 12.04 | zechim.com - a2enmod rewrite

Update the kernel safely?

aptitude safe-upgrade

LTSP - thin client linux

How to create a Ubuntu 12.04 x64 LTSP server with 32bit thin clients | How To | The Fan Club | dynamic design solutions
UbuntuLTSP - Community Ubuntu Documentation

java on ubuntu

How To Install Oracle (Sun) Java JDK & JRE in Ubuntu via PPA - Linux Mint Community
sudo apt-get software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install oracle-java7-installer

set timezone

How to set the timezone on Ubuntu Server
more /etc/timezone
sudo dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

ubuntu Xen to HyperV

when moving from Xen to HyperV I had trouble booting without Kernel panics (flashing caps lock indicator) without removing the console=hvc0 and replacing with tty1. additionally you may want to remove /etc/init/hvc0.conf (or move it someplace else).
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