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Firefox - the great open source browser.

I have to say that I have a bit of love for the Mozilla project and Firefox. It is a wonderful open source browser that is cross platform and full of great features.

Firefox Web Browser & Thunderbird Email Client | Mozilla Products
FUEL - Javascript to access the browser's objects.
XUL improvements in Firefox 3 - MDC
Places - is a re-write of Firefox's bookmarks and history system with query and view support!
Firefox 3 for developers - MDC
Build Documentation - MDC
Tiny drops of knowledge: NTLM authentication and Firefox

Here are some of the extensions that I find are a must have:

One big thing is that I really need spell checking when it comes to HTML forms.  SpellBound does just this.  SpellBound also needs a mozilla dictionary installed from here.

Tabbed Browsing

If you haven't started using tabbed browsing in Firefox, you haven't found the power of the browser.  Lately I've been really pleased with the two extensions:br/>
Tab Mix Plus [Developer homepage?] - tabmix is wonderful.
Tab Mix Plus Forums

Tabbrowser Preferences [Developer homepage]-

At this point, I'm not really sure which extension is better.  However, at this point it looks like tab mix plus has more features than tabbrowse preferences.

One thing that I really like, is having a session manager to handle browser crashes.  I also like the ability to have a rowser with tabs related to what I'm working on.  For instance, when I work on work, I open a set of tabs that log me into my online development toolsand company intranet.  It really saves me on typing... and it helps me stay more organized.

Bookmarks - Online Favorites

I love the idea of having your bookmarks follow you anywhere.  I also love the idea of sharing your bookmarks with our friends.

I've found a few solutions to sync using firefox.  In fact, lately I've been using Google to store the bookmarks.  Hover, it doesn't take care of grouped tabs at this point.... which is a problem.... but it works for instant access anywhere.

Hacking Firefox: The secrets of about:config

Looking for a way to sync your bookmarks on WebDav in Firefox 2.0? The latest plugin is:
Bookmark Sync and Sort


Getting to know PyXPCOM
StatusbarEx - An extension for firefox, display useful inforamtion on the statusbar
Firefox Throttle - Bandwidth utilization throttling plug-in for Firefox (Windows)


Bookmarklets are just client side java in your bookmarks. Simple, yet powerful.
I love the make link bookmarklet.
It gives you a quick and easy URL reference.
Web Development Bookmarklets
WhatFont Bookmarklet « Chengyin Liu

Add Bookmark Here 2 :: Firefox Add-ons

Firefox and .net client

FFClickOnce :: Firefox Add-ons - ClickOnce support for Firefox.
Scott Hanselman's Computer Zen - Firefox, WPF and XBAP

Safe mode Firefox

If you need to get into safe mode. For instance, if firefox continually crashes on start without it... You can hold down the shift key while starting Firefox.
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