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Asterisk tidbits - random information you might find useful.

Asterisk is a open source telephony system for the Linux OS.  It is perfect for setting up a simple office PBX system.

Useful links
I've got some Sanoma hardware, heres info on debugging asterisk with sangoma.
The best place to look for info on Asterisk can be found on: VOIP-INFO

When purchasing VOIP related devices I usually look at: VoipSupply
Predefined variables
g729 Codec

Sphinx2 and Asterisk

Products of interest
AdTran Total Access 924 - good for office termination
Sipura SPA-2100 - 2 line analog to voip adapter
Uniden ELBT595 - blue tooth analog phone system
PhoneCell SX4el- GSM to FXS gateway

Starting and keeping Asterisk running
When I setup an asterisk box, I don't use the asterisk command directly to start asterisk.  Instead you should use the shell script safe_asterisk.  It comes with the asterisk source.  This script monitors the asterisk process and restarts it if  asterisk crashes.  It also has the ability to email someone when the asterisk server does go down... that way you can debug what is happening.

Converting and making sounds for use in Asterisk
For tips on recording and other information relating to sound files check out the Wiki Page.
Asterisk likes to have files in formats like gsm and sln.  The tool SoX comes to the rescue!

To convert from gsm to wav: sox input.gsm -r 8000 -c 1 -w -s ouput.wav
To convert from wav to gsm: sox input.wav -r 8000 output.gsm resample -q1
To convert from wav to sln (SLINEAR) : sox input.wav -t raw -r 8000 -s -w -c 1 output.sln

Lately I've been trying to get going with FastAGI.  It is much better than simple AGI because it allows you to push the processing of AGI off the asterisk machine itself... so it scales much better.  Anyways here are some resources I found on the web.
Experiences with Asterisk AGI
How FastAGI works
Asterisk-Java Tutorial

I would love to be able to control features within the meetme and during a dial.  I hear that this is possible, to do such things...
A $10 Linux Answering Machine

asterisk and gsm

OpenBTS open-source project
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