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MythTV & XBMC- open source DVR

This page is my little mindmap related to open source Home theater PCs (HTPC). I love the idea of having theater PCs which are open to extension and connected. There are many features available when building out your HTPC, ability to play many diff. types of video files, playlists of on demand content, access other media available on the home network, scheduling recordings, and others.....


XBMC - GPL software media player and entertainment hub for digital media. XBMC is available for Linux, OSX, Windows, and the original Xbox.
Before you had to mod an xbox to install XBMC, today, you can install it on Linux, OSX, and Windows without voiding warranties!
XBMC MythTV - A python script for XBMC that includes the ability to play live TV and recordings.  Plus you can schedule new recordings as well!
XBMC DevCon - XBMC - 2013 in Germany, have fun Stephen!!!

I recently saw that XBMC now includes AirPort Express airplay features. For a long time I have wanted network streaming audio to multiple output devices.... I would like to somehow figure out how to use the same code or other code, to create a virtual audio device, so that all system sound output could be streamed. Other notes relating to this idea, can be found Audio Processing - Dave Horner's Website

MythTV - a linux media center

Ok, so you are looking for a great TiVo/Replay type device with the ability to upgrade and develop new features?  Look no further, MythTv is here!

KnoppMyth - This is a modified Knoppix distro. of linux that is made solely for MythTV.  I'm interested in this project because it provides a quick and easy way to keep your media center up to date.
KnoppMyth Wiki
Keys for MythTV
Streaming MythTV to your cell phone
More information to come soon on building your own MythTV from CVS on a distro like Fedora or CentOS.

Hardware Info

I'm interested in a nice card that does MPEG 4 but there really isn't anything out there right now.  I found something called the Plextor ConvertX PVR but it is USB based... which is fine, but I don't exactly feel great with it.  I may spend the money and try it out.  I'll let you know when I find.


I am very interested in getting started with LinuxMCE. There is a really cool video of it's use on google video [here]. LinuxMCE


Slingbox is a great device that gives you a single user network stream to your devices... one time purchase, no recurring fees, hosted solution pointing to your home internet connection.
Slingbox.com - Turn Your Laptop, Smartphone or Tablet into a TV
Watching your Slingplayer on Linux – Place Shifting Enthusiasts - apparently wine can be of service.


Let us not forget that great DVR of the past that automatically skipped commercials properly...
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