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Freeswitch - carrier grade telephony system.

FreeSWITCH gets a long nice with a lot of different languages.
FreeSWITCH is well written, I like the projects style and I'm impressed with the state of the cross platform development. I've built it on windows, linux, and mac. I'm sure I'll be doing it on others too....

BTW: if you haven't already, read the FreeSWITCH Wiki

Not Just AstLinux Stuff: Verto - WebRTC and FreeSWITCH Get Hitched
FreeSWITCH Verto Demo
To checkout the source you'll want to do a:
git clone https://stash.freeswitch.org/scm/fs/freeswitch.git freeswitch.git
export CFLAGS="-g -ggdb"
export MOD_CFLAGS="-g -ggdb"
make installall

If I am doing an update:
make current
If I am newly building, remember to run bootstrap
make installall

Mod conference - FreeSWITCH Wiki
Mod event socket - FreeSWITCH Wiki

Web Interfaces

FreePBX | FreePBX - Asterisk and FreeSWITCH support!

Jabber XMPP and dingaling with FreeSWITCH

Tzah 2.0 » Blog Archive » How to run Freeswitch mod_dingaling on windows

Debugging Freeswitch - FreeSWITCH Wiki

Python and FreeSWITCH

eventsocket - Project Hosting on Google Code - twisted reactor framework for python.
Inside libs/esl make pymod, it is a SWIG wrapper for the c ESL client. I've used this too and it works fine.

Ruby/Rails and Freeswitch

Main - telegraph - Welcome to the Telegraph Documentation- What Lies Between Voice and Rails - Project Hosting on Google Code
Idapted Developer's Blog Telegraph - Rails MVC voice applications.
Liverpie 0.5 - Liverpie is a FreeSWITCH proxy which accepts and posts FreeSWITCH commands and results to your webapps. The requests contain events coming from FreeSWITCH and the responses from the webapp should contain FreeSWITCH commands, and expected events. (it uses YAML)
Adhearsion: Open-Source Telephony Development Framework

sipML5 HTML5 SIP client

sipML5 - The world's first open source HTML5 SIP client
sipml5 - The world's first HTML5 SIP client - Google Project Hosting
FreeSWITCH sipML5 Demo
webrtc2sip - Smart SIP and Media Gateway to connect WebRTC endpoints

FreeSWITCH - Tips for Creating a Dialer - javascript scripting
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