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Games - a moment for other things.

League of Legends - Free Online Game | LoL - League of Legends
Star Wars: The Old Republic
BrowserQuest – a massively multiplayer HTML5 (WebSocket + Canvas) game experiment ? Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog
mozilla/BrowserQuest · GitHub -BrowserQuest is a HTML5/JavaScript multiplayer game experiment.
Sinuous - An HTML5 canvas game. Avoid the red dots!
Chain Reaction - The Game try to get the dots!
Free Games at ROBLOX.com
javascript game of tron in 219 bytes

Quake III - fun game, long time no see.

I just started playing quake III again. It is great on my old machine... I wonder what it is gonna run like on my macPro native!

The best part about Quake III is that you can play with a friend over the internet. In fact, you can play with many friends at once over it.

To setup Quake III for internet usage, open port 27960 and add one (+1) for each additional player.

This brings back such great memorys from the glory days of doom, doom II, doom III, hexen, rise of the triad, duke nukem 3d, quake, quake II, quake III, UT, etc etc. :)

Some links for Quake III info:

Putting New Models in Quake III Arena
Quake 3 World: Downloads
Aardappel's Quake Maps

Urban Terror: Urban Terror™ Downloads


MOH Clan
Garden State Killers » kill or be killed

Call of Duty

COD4SOURCE - The Source for Call of Duty 4 Online Multiplayer Strategy, Weapon Guides and Tips for COD4
Call of Duty 4 Lvl 55 Hack (PC) - Next Gen Boards


Wouter van Oortmerssen's web pages - has a lot of cool links to stuff.
Fisheye Quake

Xbox360 remove profile

Make sure you log out of xbox live.
System -> Memory -> Hard Drive -> Gamer Profiles

Xbox 360 Active Downloads

Xbox 360 really should show it more places...
Press the Guide button (big green one in the middle of pad) and go the blade on the far left.

Flight simulators

I'm a big fan of flight sims. Esp. the commanche series.

I would like to find a new helicopter sim, but I can't find any releases for xbox 360. :(
DCS - Digital Combat Simulator - new release helicopter game but for pc only.

Open Source Games

Scorched 3D • A 3D Update Of Scorched Earth
Extreme Tux Racer > Welcome
Armagetron Advanced :: a Tron clone in 3D
Extreme Tux Racer > Welcome
SourceForge.net: BZFlag - Multiplayer 3D Tank Game
SourceForge.net: SuperTuxKart
Frozen Bubble - the official home
SourceForge.net: Trackballs - steer a marble ball through tracks of varying difficulty. The game is loosely based on Marable Madness and features 3D graphics, an integerated level editor and highquality soundeffects and background music. (sdl based with deps guile18-dev guile18-shlibs libmikmod libmikmod-shlibs passwd sdl sdl-image sdl-image-shlibs sdl-mixer sdl-mixer-shlibs sdl-shlibs sdl-ttf sdl-ttf-shlibs smpeg smpeg-shlibs)
Main Page - Supertuxkart
www.Farbs.org - Quirky little games for your edification - Polychromatic Funk Monkey and ROM CHECK FAIL are pretty cool. A few cross platform games.
Frets On Fire


SourceForge.net Repository - [holdingnuts] Index of /trunk
python-poker-engine - Project Hosting on Google Code
Debian -- Details of package python-poker-network in sid - package desc for python-poker-network and related packages...
PokerSource: poker hand evaluator and more
PokerSource - poker-network
Cactus Kev's Poker Hand Evaluator
fogleman/Poker - Python Implementation of Cactus Kev's Poker Hand Evaluator

Chess - programming stuff (PGN,FEN,validation,drawing)

jhlywa/chess.js - A Javascript chess library for chess move generation/validation, piece placement/movement, and check/checkmate/draw detection
bmarini/jchess - A jQuery-based javascript library for parsing and displaying chess games.
oakmac/chessboardjs - chessboard.js is a standalone JavaScript Chess Board. chessboard.js » Home
pgn4web - javascript chess games viewer for websites, blogs and live broadcasts - Google Project Hosting
SVG Chess Validation - Chess: Validating moves and commentary using XSLT.
substack/node-chess - Node knockout chess server Reflections on Node.js Knockout Competition - good coders code, great reuse
Sylvain Zimmer | Chess@home: Building the largest Chess AI ever
Chess FEN Viewer - from dhtmlgoodies.com
chessimager - Chess Imager - PHP script for generating chessboard image from a URL in FEN - Google Project Hosting
people talking bout FEN Forsyth-Edwards Notation
Forsyth–Edwards Notation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
FEN Notation
chessprogramming - Forsyth-Edwards Notation
Forsyth-Edwards Notation F.A.Q.

Card Games

GGZ Gaming Zone

Warcraft 3 - Reign of Chaos, The Frozen Throne

LogMeIn - Download LogMeIn Hamachi
Hamachi:Warcraft 3 - Reign of Chaos, The Frozen Throne - LogMeInWiki.com
LanCraft - Warcraft 3 Lan Emulators, Tutorials, Hacks, Tools...


HOWTO set up a Minecraft server in 10 minutes using Amazon EC2 | warpedvisions.org - remember to shut it down, leave the server running 24/7 you’ll pay as much as $350/month...

Dungeon Crawl || Roguelike role playing video games

Roguelike - CrawlWiki
Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup
Linley's Dungeon Crawl - Meta
Linley's Dungeon Crawl - RogueBasin

Worms || Gorillas || Artillery trajectory games

Gorillas (video game) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Artillery game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Commander Keen

Commander Genius Web-Site - Commander Genius is a software piece that interprets the Commander Keen Invasion of the Vorticons and Galaxy series.
Commander Genius - Android Apps on Google Play - Includes shareware versions of Commander Keen episode 1, 4 and a mod called Keen 7.
The Keys of Krodacia - KeenWiki
CloneKeen Plus | Free Games software downloads at SourceForge.net

text adventures

Untrusted - a user javascript adventure game - play by modifying the game's source code. untrusted/solutions at master · AlexNisnevich/untrusted
A Prototype Quest Generator Based on a Structural Analysis of Quests from Four MMORPGs (PDF) ovid:Procedural quest generation

Code My Road | Programming Projects and Articles - amazing website. Tetris, Sudoku, and 2048 AI Solvers.
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