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Music Production on a computer.

Ok, so I've wanted to record music for a long time now. I've finally got enough money to setup a starter rig. I bought the Ozonic MIDI controller from M-Audio. This device allows you to record music from your XLR microphones as well as your intrument and four other line level inputs. Very cool.

Now I'm trying to learn the new software based synths as well as MIDI controller based music tools. I'm starting to flock toward Ableton Live, Reason by Propellerhead, and Acid by Sony.

Reason Resources
Reason by Propellerhead
http://www.reasonstation.net/ - Good place for songs and tutorials on reason.
One reason that Live and Reason interest me, is because you can make them work together. Check out a talk about this. [Live 3: A Reason To Live]
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