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HP touchpad - WebOS

WebOS is Palm.
WebOS has been dumped by HP.
Where is goes, who knows, but I've got a nice little tablet that runs Ubuntu and soon Driod.

Main Page - WebOS Internals
UbuntuChroot - WebOS Internals
**Sticky Thread / HP TouchPad Index / Read This First** - xda-developers
[ROM] [03/04] How to install jcsullins CM10 Unofficial Preview Builds Edited 3/19/13 - xda-developers
Basically, create a cminstall folder on your device, and use novacom boot mem:// < ACMEInstaller3 to boot the installer. (this won't work unless you've got your device in usb boot)
CyanogenMod Downloads
SDK-PDK Download - HP webOS Developer Center - novacom

hp touchpad get out of recovery mode

you see the usb symbol, hold down the power and the home button for a long time.

hp touchpad get into usb recovery mode

At boot, hold down the volume up button. (You'll want to turn on debugging)

Replacing that dead HP touchpad battery || replace hp touchpad battery || touchpad won't charge || touchpad won't turn on

The touchpad has been a pretty good device overall. It has been long enough now that most people's devices have trouble turning on and charging. This is because of the old dead battery inside.
It isn't the easiest of fixes. Good luck getting the device apart and back together. I just completed tear down, no broken clips, but the battery did require quite a bit of prying due to the copper double sided tape adhering the battery to the back case.
I ordered a replacement on ebay for around 25 dollars. Waiting on delivery...

HP TouchPad Repair - iFixit

Battery came, device opened, didnt' break any clips, but putting the thing back together again.... I'm not sure about that. Remove old battery, while worrying about spontaneous combustion, since the battery is glued in place with two sided tape. Motherboard is not easy to remove and when moving things around, broke white harness that seats the volume/power buttons. Boo. Lesson learned, tablets are even worse than laptops to service, if you can believe that.

Now, what can I do with a 25 dollar battery and a 230 dollar dead/broken tablet....more parts for future electronic projects I guess, or trash.

It was an OK tablet with CyanogenMod installed. HP WebOS had issues with responsive mouse touch. There were times when touches just did not register. CyanogenMod resolved these issues for me, but the tablet had a very short battery life and had troubles charging. It would have been nice to have a charging indicator, since often the device would sit plugged in and still not be charging, but that may also have been an artifact of the dead battery.
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