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Fonts - type face or in other words text that looks aesthetically pleasing.

I have a tendency to look past the fonts I use. I am pretty lame when it comes to selecting the proper typeface to make content look good. Something I need to work on. There are others, who are very keen about font selection. These people have a gift, but they are also cursed to complain and whine about everyone else's use of fonts. :)

Google Noto Fonts - a free font typeface for all languages?! Google’s font family that aims to support all the world’s languages. Its design goal is to achieve visual harmonization across languages. Noto fonts are under Apache License 2.0.
Brick. Webfonts that actually look good.
Google Fonts
Famous Fonts - Fonts you recognize, FREE for download! - famousfonts.smackbomb.com
Proggy Programming Fonts
Retro Programming: 10 Alternative Monospace Fonts for Programmers
Retro Programming: Classic Home Computer Fonts
Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for Bootstrap
FRUSTRO typeface on Behance - reminds me of mc. escher

Glyphr Studio, the free HTML5 based font editor
FitText - A plugin for inflating web type
davatron5000/Lettering.js - Individual Letter Control with Lettering.js
Fontello - icon fonts generator

cTTF in Launchpad - from Jasper llbit
Mojibake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - ???? presentation of incorrect, unreadable characters when software fails to render text correctly.
mysql - Differences between utf8 and latin1 - Stack Overflow - UTF-8 is prepared for world domination, Latin1 isn't.

Unicode notes

Yes, you came for for information on fonts that look aesthetically pleasing, font nerds, so you won't mind this unicode foray.
The blog of John D. Cook - Greek letters in HTML, XML, TeX, and Unicode
The blog of John D. Cook - Unicode resources
Code Charts
Shapecatcher.com: Unicode Character Recognition
Detexify LaTeX handwritten symbol recognition
Unicode Codepoint Chart
How to enter Unicode characters in Microsoft Windows
UTF-8 Everywhere
ICU - International Components for Unicode
How To Use ICU - ICU User Guide
julp/ugrep · GitHub - [C] [BSD] ICU based implementation of grep to deal with differents codepages/encodings
sergiu — Bitbucket - has the icu cmake, wtl, open debug visualizers....nice bitbucket sergui!
Unicode part 1: Windows console i/o approaches | Alf on programming (mostly C++), lots of other great C++/unicode content in the other articles in the blog Alf on programming (mostly C++) | Just another WordPress.com site
The Updated Guide to Unicode on Python | Armin Ronacher's Thoughts and Writings
Unicode::Tussle - search.cpan.org

Unicode 7.0 - is everyone excited?!

Unicode 7.0.0 - This version supersedes all previous versions of the Unicode Standard.
The Unicode Blog: Announcing The Unicode Standard, Version 7.0
Linear A - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

BOMs | byte order marks

PowerShell Magazine » #PSCXTip How to determine the byte order mark of a text file
UTF-8       : 0xEF 0xBB 0xBF
UTF-16LE    : 0xFF 0xFE
Sorting it all Out (Michael Kaplan's random stuff of dubious value)

Multilingual software || Internationalization and localization || gettext || i18n

Internationalization and localization - Wikipedia
gettext - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Jed | Gettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps
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