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Compare Diff Merge Integrate Resolve Visually - tools to compare this and that.

Here are some merging tools
KDiff3 - Homepage
linux - Difftool for Ubuntu like OS X's Opendiff - Super User
opendiff(1) Mac OS X Developer Tools Manual Page - /Developer/Applications/Utilities/FileMerge.app. opendiff and FileMerge are installed as part of the Mac OS X Developer Tools.
Meld - visual diff two- and three-way comparison of both files and directories Python GTK+
Visual Merge and Diff Tools: P4Merge | Perforce
xxdiff: Graphical File And Directories Comparator And Merge Tool - Python Qt4.5+
tkdiff | @ SourceForge.net - tkdiff is a graphical front end to the diff program.
Diffuse - Python PyGTK

diff || sdiff || fc

colordiff - Perl script colordiff is a wrapper for 'diff' and produces the same output but with pretty 'syntax' highlighting.
Help - AIX 6.1 Information Center: sdiff - Compares two files and displays the differences in a side-by-side format.
Fc - windows cmd.exe file compare utility, yeah it's there, go check. right under your nose. fc for the win.


vim -d file1 file2
Vim documentation: diff
]c :        - next difference
[c :        - previous difference
do          - diff obtain
dp          - diff put
zo          - open folded text
zc          - close folded text
:diffupdate - re-scan the files for differences
:diffoff    - exit diff mode
DirDiff.vim:, including the file, compare recursively, the directory together - vim errand of the nameless
Ashish Grover | Effective vimdiff
Quick and Dirty : Vimdiff Tutorial | Core Dump

Ediff User's Manual - emacs diff tool M-x ediff
SourceGear : DiffMerge
Beyond Compare: The compare, merge and synchronize utility from Scooter Software - $$


the best diff tools work with both files and directories.

Linux.com :: Disk usage analysis and cleanup tools
KDirStat / WinDirStat - is a graphical disk usage utility, very much like the Unix "du" command. In addition to that, it comes with some cleanup facilities to reclaim disk space and nice graphical views.

Interfaces, frontends, and tools - Git SCM Wiki

Any visual diff in Linux console? - Stack Overflow
linux - interactive/visual merge tool for console? - Super User
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