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Blender - Open source 3d game engine

blender.org - Home - Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License.
Blend Swap - blends by blender users for blender users.
Blender Code | developer musings on Blender

I've been very impressed with Blender. Blender isn't just a 3D editor, but also a very powerful game engine with complete physics/collision detection and python scripting. All open source and portable! It runs on Linux, Windows, and Mac. :) Here are some random links.

Dance! Robot Dance! - a fun song and dance animation. - my page about a blender movie I'm working on for my kids.

Blender Podcast
Blender 3D: Noob to Pro
Blender Guru
Blender tutorials which also includes the Pyramidaze! python script.
Blender Cookie | Blender 3D Tutorials and Training
JiBe's Blender Page - by Jean-Baptiste PERIN

I love the idea of open source movies! Open source movies are completely free (though you can support with dvd purchase) and you can get all the models, scripting, media, etc. online. It really lets you see what is possible with Blender....very impressive.

Big Buck Bunny » Download

Elephants Dream » Download & Watch

Yo Frankie! - Apricot Open Game Project - Yo Frankie! - Apricot Open Game Blog
Apricot branch: Video about the new features at BlenderNation - wow! snap to face is very cool!

GraphicAll.org - blender builds.

Match Moving (Camera Tracking) Tutorial for Blender Using Voodoo
digilab homepage - makes an open video tracker called Voodoo.

Broken Shadows – Portrait, Grunge theme (.blend included) - Blender Artists Forums - face modeling from pics.

Blender Tutorial - Destroying Mesh With External Particles on Vimeo - very cool, using the built in particle and collision systems to destroy a mesh. Look at all the stuff you get for free in Blender! Hmmmm. Might be useful/fun to port an Artillery game...you know like Gorillas / worms sorta game.

Blender Gamekit Second Edition at BlenderNation - news about a new gamekit book....with a link to the old book and cd! :) The cd has a bunch of neat demos. Marble coaster, is Noah's fav.


Connection details - freenode Web IRC - freenode.net #blender #blenderchat
Blender Artists Community

Blender Audio related

Blender Audio Development Blog

3d models

3D Models - Kator Legaz

3d control

I've got a 3Dconnexion space navigator, which is a 3d controller. It is supported in Blender...lets you easily manipulate your view...very nice.
Getting Started with Blender and 3Dconnexion

Physics and game engine stuff

This next video really got me... look how simple it is to do dominos using the physics engine.
Blender 3d Animation Making A Domino Animation With The Blender Game Engine Tutorial

Blender 3D Design Course -includes video tutorials and example student projects.

And,looksee here... XAML Exporter for Blender - Release: Xaml Exporter v0.44

festival 2008 - alienhelpdesk.com - very cool fly through cloud sequence made in blender for the festival.

Advanced curve modifiers in Blender - very cool things you can do....



Blender 3D: Noob to Pro/Creating Pixar-looking eyes in Blender
Blend Swap


Car Material Library at BlenderNation
Blender Materials Database

Blender with Midi / Blender with OSC / Blender and music / Blender VJ

Blender.org :: View topic - Blender as a Vj-ing tool - loong thread.
Impossible 3D : CODE SECTION - MIDI ANIMATOR 1.00 - uses pyMidi
» Blender 2.5 Midi Add-on Kai Wegner
Blend It! - MIDI Driver – Blender's Python script aiding the creation of music driven animations.
GuruBlog - using the BlenderGameEngine as OSC client

Blender Foundation: Blender 2.x BF release: Detail: 30499 video sequencer crashes when moving around within a sequence.
Blender Foundation: Blender 2.x BF release: Detail: 33672 python 3.3 required in code, but CMakeLists.txt:1090 still hardcodes 3.2 for MSVC10.

Modeling plant structure

ngPlant - Open Source plant modeling suite
Yorik's blender greenhouse

find your console!

On Windows, the Blender Console is hidden by default. Go to
Help * Toggle System Console


Blender Python: Deleting Objects from a scene

Animation nodes

Animation Nodes Blenderartists.org Thread Quality Posts Collection - Google Sheets
GitHub - cgvirus/Blender-Compositor-Disc-Cache-Realtime-Preview-Addon: An Addon for Blender compositor to disc cache and do real time preview through Blender VSE
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