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Augmented Reality - Remember Max Headroom?

Do you remember this show?

IMDB - Max Headroom (1985) (TV)
"Max Headroom" (1987) [TV-Series 1987-1988]

Torrent Search for Max Headroom content.

WikiPedia on Max Headroom
Max Headroom - from The Museum of Broadcast Communications

A funny side note, the station WTTW was hijacked by a Max Headroom character. Funny stuff.

Betty's Brain

Betty's Brain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Online Teachable Agents | Thinking about and interacting with living and mechanical agents | Vanderbilt University
Amazing to think what a good graph library and user interface will provide us. Graphs allow us a way to represent data visually at the same time keeping elements discrete. So graphs are also analytic tools that can solve problems.

The above is a sample of how you can use graph theory, information, and visualization together. predicates and relationships.

Augmented reality and virtual reality make you think about human computer interaction and consciousness research.

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
International Consciousness Research Laboratories
Margins Of Reality Augmented Reality Welding Mask With 100 Million to 1 Contrast Ratio - eyetap welder mask.

Chatbots & Chatterbots

A.L.I.C.E. ELIZA Twitterbots s Chatterbot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Answers and Questions About Military, Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agency Chatbots | Electronic Frontier Foundation - no one really wants to talk to those people, poor chatbots.
RRRR : Cheer Up the ChatBot - chatbot: im sad.
Elbot the Robot
Mitsuku Chatbot - Mitsuku uses a programming language called AIML to understand and respond to people and I have written a number of AIML files to add extra content to her.
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