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Heart - modeling, monitoring, and info on the heart.

The heart is a very important organ in the body.

When I was a fourth grader I created a heart hypercard stack. Hypercard was a program for the macintosh that was interactive scripted cards. You could do images, sounds, animations, events and actions. Neato for pre-html days. Someday I may try to get that...anyways... It was fun. I digress.

This page will house my information relating to the study of the heart.

functional imaging and modeling of the heart FIMH05 - FIMH'2005 is the Third International Conference on Functional Imaging and Modeling of the Heart.

Blood pressure and cardiac monitoring
Temple Times: Undiagnosed high blood pressure commonly found in emergency room patients
High Blood Pressure: Heart and Blood Vessel Disorders: Merck Manual Home Edition
Emergency Medicine - Clinical Significance of Systolic and Pulse Pressure
CoDe Magazine - Article: MVP Corner: Do You have a Heart Disease?
MedlinePlus: Heart Disease Starts Early in Life

HoMedics bpa-450wgn
1-800-HOMEDIC (1-800-466-3342). Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.
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