"hello world"
articles in Personal random-thoughts
Accessibility and ergonomics
Autoharp and Chromaharp Stuff
Baby and toddler computer stuff.
Bars, Places, and things in Fort Wayne, IN
Bass Guitar Stuff
Callerid and click to call
Drawing, painting, and other things
Drum stuff
FM/AM Transmitters/Recievers and local broadcasts
games games games
Preparing for the meeting with Paul, Storm, and JoCo.
Going from cable internet to fiber optic!
google hangouts unblock - unblock that annoying person.
Google - keeping an eye on the big guy.
Google Me t-shirt QR Counter
HOSP Sparrow Traps Bird Trap
IRC - Internet relay chat still has a place.
J2ME,GPS, touch displays, fast comm - some cool stuff comin!
Joe Wise
Latin Dancing Salsa Rueda Bachata Cumbia
Latin semper ubi sub ubi
logitech trackball double click m570
MacPro - a server...and something pretty.
Music is key.
My precious monitors
non-relational databases (nosql)
Open source and money.
penrose tribar, the impossible infinite triangle
Personal videos I've made...
pi 3.14...Unicode Character “?” (U+03C0).
Places and things in DC area.
Playing and embedding movies on your webpage.
R. Buckminster Fuller
Pairing - Remote desktop and collaboration
Résumé of Dave Horner
Silly computer science / geeky jokes.
Some music i like.
The Big Lebowski - dude.
Thoughts on licensing, patents, and open source.
thoughts on Tattoos
TI 89 Tips and tricks
Timezones and time.
ubi bui doooooo
Ukulele stuff
USB development
v3droom - more info coming soon!
Videos - Some of my favorite movies and videos online.
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