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Dave Da Wizard - automated telephone magic trick.

So. Have you heard of the wizzzard? Who da wizzzard? Dave Da Wizard.

The "Dave Da Wizard" hotline is a phone application which allows you to do a magic trick with your phone. "Dave Da Wizard" is a voice controlled card magic trick. You call "Dave Da Wizard", have a quick conversation, and the wizard tells your friends the card they selected from the deck. All without pressing buttons on the phone or saying the specifics of the selected card. You say whatever you want to your party, the wizard still knows what you mean. How does it know your card? Magic?!

How to play "Dave Da Wizard"

  1. You give a deck of cards to the party.
  2. Someone in the party selects a card and shows the card to the entire party.
  3. One person calls the wizard and performs the magic trick.
  4. After the magic trick is performed successfully, hand off the phone to someone or place "Dave Da Wizard" on speakerphone. The wizard will wait patiently for someone in the party say something to the wizard.
  5. The wizard tells your audience their selected card!

Where's the magic?

The magic of "Dave Da Wizard" is all in the way in which you introduce the wizard to your party. Be quick on your feet. Make your greeting and dialog with the wizard sound as if the wizard is your phone wizard pal, standing by to tell your friends their selected card.

Suggestions on dialog with wizard

Of course, you can think of a better way to say it to your friends....but to get an idea.

Where's the number at yo?
260-399-4014 - this number has been down for some time, I hope to release code or put another line up sometime...we'll see.

Other people's description of Wizard telephone tricks...using mortal wizards.

Mr. Wizard: The Greatest Trick For Mortals Ever
The Secret of the Card Wizard
How to Play Mr. Wizard: 8 Steps - wikiHow

So there you have it, the wizard card trick. I was taught this by Sam Westlake while hanging out with the Corkwells. The code is available, though I haven't touched it,run it, or packaged it up for consumption. If you're interested, let me know.

--dave da wizard.

wizard; noun
late Middle English (in the sense ‘philosopher, sage’): from wise + -ard.
1. a man who has magical powers, especially in legends and fairy tales.
2. a person who is very skilled in a particular field or activity. (extremely high-level hacking or problem-solving ability)
3. a help feature of a software package that automates complex tasks by asking the user a series of easy-to-answer questions.
wizard mentions over time
adjective:wonderful; excellent; awesome; talented; wicked smart; wise ass.
Wizard Is An Insult - HumidCity - often contemptuous, think of “wizard” as a sarcastic Middle English way of calling someone a know-it-all.
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