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Dance! Robot Dance! - a fun song and dance animation.

I've have always had a love for robots. My son loves robots too. He makes me watch robot videos on YouTube all the time of little synchronized robots that dance.

So this is a little toy project I'm going to develop for my kids. :) It is just another excuse to do fun stuff with the computer. I would really like to be able to develop some simple animations....
BTW, I've got some more blender content here: Blender - Open source 3d game engine

Dancing robot in jQuery?

I'm not sure I want to do it in jQuery, but it is cool that you can!
Building an Animated Cartoon Robot with jQuery
Hi! I'm trying HARD to be a jQuery Robot - includes sounds.


Manual - BlenderWiki - the main blender manual, RTFM.
Blender 3D: ActionBook - BlenderWiki
Nystic 1.5 • View forum - User Tutorial Videos
Blender, Animation 3d: English Main Index - good source for info on programming blender python.

Wings 3d - is a subdivision modeler (separate from Blender)
Rambling Blog Regarding Design - and blender.


Half.com / Books / Introducing Character Animation With Blender

Use motion capture

The thought of animating actually sounds very tedious. However, using motion capture, you create the animation from natural movements and hit play. :) It was nice to see that there is some open data out in terms of motion capture. I've gotten it to import the .bvh files as armature. Now I need to learn how to control them and attach them to rigs.
mocapdata.com - very cool site, motion capture for many animations released under CC. Import this data straight into Blender3d using .bvh to create nice biped animations which look very realistic.
Around 600 mocap data sets freely available on mocapdata.com - feeblemind - this talks a bit on how to import and other links.
The Motion Capture Webpage
Welcome to Michael's Blender Website! - Importing a BVH file into Blender using Reevan McKay's BVH Python script...
ACCAD - Motion Capture Lab - data and downloads
bvhacker - free to use bvh editing software - bvh file editor with export to SecondLife.
MocapAnimation - Animating Characters With BVH Motion Capture File
bvh2arm - script that ease the use of bvh with Blender by automatically creating a parented armature upon a hierarchy of empties .. as the one created by a BVH import .. The created armature follows the empties.

Skinny - automatic mesh generation, rigging, & uv mapping. - you draw an armature and the script will generate a skinned cylindrical mesh around it.


You can get full blow digital puppets that allow you to control animation using armatures. Very cool.
KRE Animate.co.uk - Generi Rig for Blender

Meet Petunia...

What a great video of petunia! Gives you an idea of what is possible.
home - projectpetunia.org - more info on how it came to be and wheres it going.
petunia robot - a cute (male) robot rig for blender!

Jason's CG Art Gallery: Ludwig - Ludwig: Character and Rig v1.0 for blender
Cryptic Animation Rig - About - looks like a 3dsmax rig...
Index of /~jason/cryptic_ar - someone ported the crypticar rig to blender.

Elephants Dream includes mancandy...
Otto: Ik, Squash, Stretch & Bend character for Blender
CuteBEAR - Blender Artists Forums
michaelthoenes.com - 3D tutorials - includes a rigged character based on Blender's Suzanne Monkey Head Primative Object.
'Maloyo' Rig at BlenderNation

blender.org - Walk Cycle Modifiers
BSoD/Introduction to Rigging/The Armature Object - BlenderWiki
BSoD/Introduction to Character Animation - BlenderWiki
Manual/Non Linear Animation - BlenderWiki

Jacek Lives » SL Animation for Blender Newbs


Real-world camera and scene matching in Blender
Roger Wickes | Creative Software Solutions - Topic: Introduction to Compositing,Topic: Formats and Channels,Topic: Conversion and Distortion,Topic: Special Effects
CG Overlay On Video | Blender Nerd
Animating videos on objects in blender 2.5 | Blender Nerd
Image Stacking to reduce noise in Cycles | Blender Nerd - magical and awesome.

Video editing with blender 3d - VSE

Blender actually includes a nice non-linear video editor...
It is called VSE - Video Sequence Editor
Tutorials/Video Sequence Editor - BlenderWiki
Manual/Using VSE - BlenderWiki
Blender Documentation - Sequence Editor
VSE scripts you can’t live without! « Blender's VSE

Object tracking || Blender Video Tracking

MakeHuman & blender - Community - Google+

2d animation with blender

2D in Blender 2.6 – Tutorial (Part 1) | ALBINAL - Animation, Illustration, Bristol, UK
2D in Blender 2.6 – Tutorial (Part 2) | ALBINAL - Animation, Illustration, Bristol, UK
KOMPAK: UV Offset Modifier
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