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Implementing a backup solution in Windows.

Tuesday, 18 December 2007 02:29
It is funny that it is so hard to manage a backup. Many people do not backup properly and are at danger. I've found that a good solution is hard to come by these days. This page is my attempt at working a backup solution for windows.

Microsoft now provides a tool called robocopy that makes mirroring directories much easier. I found it from the deprecation warning in xcopy. Very useful and nice that it is included with the OS.
Robocopy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Very neat service from MS. It allows people to install the foldershare client on the machines which are to be synchronized. Then foldersync will manage getting your folders in sync automatically. The TOS are a little rough though. They basically say that MS is policing the space and has the right to review and remove your data. A bit strong. But a SIMPLE solution for people with multiple machines.
Technology-Escapades » Canâ??t live without it: FolderShare
Windows Live FolderShare beta
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