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    moon and stars
    how did u find my site?

    consciousness survives death of brain?

    There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved.
    --Charles Robert Darwin
    Information about the linux/unix OS and friends
    linux.png I love the Linux/Unix OS. It's really a programmer's dream come true. This is a category for Linux related material. Most of it is going to be installation notes for various programs I like and use. Some people may find it of use, but it mostly for personal notes.


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    1 Apache and LAMP Notes 17643
    2 ARPAlert - watch who is connecting to your network. 9645
    3 Asterisk faxing - Setup a complete faxing solution! 25785
    4 Asterisk tidbits - random information you might find useful. 11773
    5 Audit system use. 6870
    6 Bash Shell 9840
    7 Control panels 4740
    8 Cron intro 6022
    9 Debian Linux Notes 6759
    10 Docker linux container engine - portable applications. 3275
    11 Drupal - CMS 5531
    12 Email filtering, spam, and other random notes on SMTP. 6751
    13 Fedora - Notes 5847
    14 Fedora / Centos / Redhat - a review of sorts. 11464
    15 File system related stuff 4276
    16 Firefox - the great open source browser. 5318
    17 Freeswitch - carrier grade telephony system. 9967
    18 Haiku and BeOS 2864
    19 IBM AIX 2734
    20 Install linux on your 1850r 5971
    21 Ion - windows manager. 4977
    22 IPTABLES - a real mans firewall 31791
    23 IRC - Internet Relay Chat 2713
    24 Joomla / Mambo - Web content management system 14807
    25 Linux 3962
    26 Linux CCTV and security - watchdog for the geeks. 22345
    27 Local rolling backups 6305
    28 Mac / MacOS / MacOSX - A Unix that you can let your kids use. 8484
    29 Monitoring tools 4422
    30 MyDNS - mysql based dns server. 9049
    31 MythTV & XBMC- open source DVR 14485
    32 nginx 2517
    33 NTP - A little information on using NTP on fedora core. 9231
    34 Proliant 1850r - Install linux on a compaq proliant. 14384
    35 rdiff-backup - remote incremental backup 17140
    36 Remote booting with PXE 5316
    37 Remote network filesystems for linux 4952
    38 Resizing partitions? NTFS, FAT32, Linux, etc. 9152
    39 Review of web control panel software. 4825
    40 RPM - package management for linux 5533
    41 rsync 2465
    42 SELinux 5028
    43 SIP - Telephony love 5082
    44 SSH stuff 9654
    45 Sun Solaris 1972
    46 Ubuntu Linux Notes 4437
    47 Various tidbits - notes from korn bourne and friends. 7730
    48 ViM - IMproved "visual editor" 11827
    49 VPN - a nice way to get in. 10633
    50 Xen - hypervisor for the masses. 11666
    51 XMPP - Jabber - Instant messaging 12159
    52 Xwindows X11 XFree86 2785