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The man who grasps principles can successfully choose his own methods. The man who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.
--Ralph Waldo Emerson


Wednesday, 29 February 2012 08:41


Markdown is a formatting syntax for text that can be read by humans and can be easily converted to HTML.
Markdown - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Markdown Mindset - The Hiltmon
Daring Fireball: Markdown
Byword MultiMarkdown Guide
coreyti/showdown · GitHub - JavaScript port of Markdown
Discount – a C implementation of the Markdown markup language
davidfstr/rdiscount - Discount Markdown Processor for Ruby
RDiscount | Markdown for Ruby | DaFoster
chjj/marked - A markdown parser and compiler. Built for speed. npm install marked --save
Maintaining documentation in Markdown - BrettTerpstra.com

PharkMillups/beautiful-docs - just look at all those docs. just look at em!
Beautiful docs maximebf/beautiful-docs - Beautiful docs is a documentation viewer based on markdown files. A beautiful way to read documentation
DocumentUp - Automatically generated documentation sites for your markdown files!
Chorus: a Fully Buzzword-Compliant Slide Webapp - Hacking Thy Fearful Symmetry - Generate slides with Dancer, Markdown and Slippy
Blogger xml ==> Chisel markdown migration script
pagedown - A JavaScript Markdown converter and editor - Google Project Hosting -a converter that turns Markdown into HTML, a Markdown editor with realtime preview of the generated HTML, and a few useful plugins, e.g. for sanitizing the generated HTML according to a whitelist of allowed tags.

Latex || LaTeX || TeX

Physical Thought
CTAN: tex-archive/info/intro-scientific
Problem Set? Marmoset! - fresh marmoset every X characters

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