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The Smart Car - wow, we really have Knight Rider.

Saturday, 29 July 2006 12:26
Image Do you remember Knight rider? Knight rider was a .....

A computer that can see, describe, and react to an envirnoment is a very powerfel thing. It means that we've hit the point where the Knight Rider is real. We are talking about cars that learn your way of operating the car. Right now we are very close to computerized cars that read the environment (your pushing on pedals and switches) and (data about the status of the car: tire heat, emission I/O, oxygen sensor I/O, and possibily drive by wire I/O.

Example: Car that can park itself
Think about being able to get out of your car and press a button to parallel park.

Web Resouces
Park the Beemer by Bot

Example: Car that can see in heat, re-act and talk to you while it does it
Think about a car that can see in heat. This is accomplished by having a forward looking IR camera, computer, touch lcd screen, and interfaces to existing computerized data streams. The data streams are things like the fuel injection system, drive controls, emissions, power levels, gps, voice, and video from multiple perspectives with multi-spectral/multi-dimensional readouts. All the data streams can be read in a bi-directional or one direction (IN or OUT).

Web Resouces
Look we already consumer level hardware available. Yes, it may be a little expensive today (I've heard $1800 for the option) for most p Cadillac Night Vision

Check it out using the Megasquirt electronic fuel injection you can computer control your own fuel injection. The project is open source, do it yourself, and already has hardware available to accomplish interfacing and control! Using a board like MegaSquirt-II makes it simple.

Communication and monitoring on a global scale
TrafficView: A Driver Assistant Device for Traffic Monitoring based on Car-to-Car Communication, here is the power point presentation
Integrated Systems

I would like to develop some embedded computer systems in my own car. I've got a grandprix 05. I want to remote start the car using wifi. I'm going to install a small computer that can also do data ackq. using ODBI. Should be a fun project anyways.

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