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    onomastics (seen in code)

    The purpose of computing is insight, not numbers.
    Richard Hamming
    $$e = \sum_{n=0}^\infty \frac{1}{n!}$$

    Software I've developed in the past that might just help to you.

    Friday, 23 July 2004 23:34

    Developing software requires an eye for redundancy. Seek out the inefficiencies and stomp em to the ground. If you have to repeatedly quote a string or do something that requires a number of steps, you might try and reduce the problem down to a library function. These projects are some of my prized utility functions. With a few miscellaneous libraries thrown in.

    Releasing to the public just seems right when you think about the enormous amount of sample code I've used throughout the years. Not to mention, you might just help me find some bugs.
    Of course there aren't any bugs in my software... :)

    C Libraries

    Every programmer has used the time_t data type in C before.  We've all used time(),mktime(),etc.  But the ANSI standard is really lacking a complete API for dealing with dates.  time_t doesn't deal with dates before 1969 which isn't really ideal because we still need to represent dates from WAY back then. :)  The struct tm provides a good structure to store dates in but we have to constantly convert back and forth from time_t.  This library provides a set of functions to deal explicitly with the tm structure.  I can't tell you how much I love this library when dealing with dates.  Try it out, you'll find the time_t and standard library just don't cut it anymore.
    SVN Access: https://dave.thehorners.com/svn/tmdate/

    Extends the printf family of functions to include nice format specifiers to simplify a programmer's life.   Coming soon a php version of these functions...as C and PHP counterparts.
    Current Version is 1.1
    Download source package: version 1.0 - 1.1
    PEAR Install: pear install http://dave.thehorners.com/personal/code/simpprint/simpprint-1.1.tgz
    SVN Access: https://dave.thehorners.com/svn/simpprint/

    PHP Code

    Note: You may want to do a "pear upgrade --alldeps pear" before trying to install any of my packages through pear. (some people have reported to have had problems otherwise)

    Current Version: 1.05

    A class to maintain access to your incoming and outgoing POST/GET/COOKIE variables.  Use this class to access your variables while writing PHP web apps and never worry about turning globals on.  Plus the varmanager helps you write your PHP apps in a more modular fashion allowing a more event driven approach to hyperlinking.

    Before doing anything, I recommend reading the overview to get an idea of what VarManager is all about. [View]

    PEAR Package(Code+Example): [VarManager-1.05.tgz]
    To install the PEAR package use the following command:
    pear install http://dave.thehorners.com/personal/code/varmanager/VarManager-1.05.tgz
    Code+Example+Docs: [varmanager-1.05.tar.gz] [varmanager-1.05.zip]

    Online Class Docs: [phpdocs]
    SVN Access: https://dave.thehorners.com/svn/varmanager/

    News: 08-25-05 Release 1.05 Add support for pear and example.
    News: 08-24-05 Release 1.04 to public.

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