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PERL Data access

Monday, 01 September 2014 19:31
I feel constrained sometimes in placing content on the website. there is no great perfect ultimate place for things. it's all related. keywords help, search helps, but dividing up content and making introductions. delineating the page/article/function/what-have-u (begrudgingly matters a great deal) and requires a lot of work. just as naming is the hardest problem of all. after you've gone and named everything, tapped out and exhausted all the logical consequences of such names; lets partition it arbitrarily. you know, cause the physical page can only hold so much, or because smaller mounds of jumble seem more manageable than large mess monstrosity (what mess?). who's to say how best to title the page and structure the content...(I thought this was my mind, and my website. i'll structure it to suit me.) but some might claim SEO and analytics of the URL give u a sense of how well you're doing. search,edit,Ctrl-F,save worked fine for me. what the URI. feedback loops

always clear in hindsight, or from someone else's perspective...

data access; yea yeah, pretty arbitrary, wide open when you think about data access in PERL. I may as well have just said PERL programming. But I already did that; u should already know that, I do. So hang with me; or don't yak's cool too. we'll get there in time.

DBIx::Admin::TableInfo - search.cpan.org - DBIx::Admin::TableInfo - A wrapper for all of table_info(), column_info(), *_key_info()
Managing files is a breeze with this DBIx::Class plugin
Class::User::DBI - A User class: Login credentials, roles, privileges, domains. - metacpan.org
Dancer::Plugin::Auth::RBAC::Permissions::DBIC - Auth::RBAC Permissions via DBIx::Class - metacpan.org


DBD::ODBC - ODBC Driver for DBI
Enabling ODBC support in Perl with Perl DBI and DBD::ODBC - Easysoft ODBC drivers


Using WWW::Mechanize to get my scratchy 45s - Perlbuzz

libwww-perl || LWP

lwpcook - The libwww-perl cookbook

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