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Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.
--Edwin P. Hubble
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  • Projects and Research   ( 11 Articles )
    Research, software, and the stuff I like to play with.
    I've got all sorts of interests, just not enough time to do them all. I try my best to think about a lot of different things. I record my thoughts on this website in an effort to organize my interests. Hopefully, this work results in something helpful and useful to you.

    I've created a category for projects and now I'm working to create articles for each of my interests. I guess this section of the website is for my more formally prepared projects... The links below are to papers and things I've done in the past....and haven't gotten around to creating a sep. article.


    Research 2000
    Facial recognition papers from research in 2000, motion detection and tracking, and field programmable gate arrays....

    Research 2002
    Applications and the future of biofeedback

    Research 2004
    Development of an Automatic Object Tracking Camera System Using Multiple Metrics
  • Favorite Quotes   ( 64 Articles )
    Random Quotes I Like
  • Information about MS Windows   ( 27 Articles )
    This category is all about the windows OS. If you are looking for programming information on windows, you'll have to look in my programming category. This section is more for general application and OS information.

    Ever since I was a little kid, I've had to put up with people complaining about how "Linux can do this....", "Macs are faster, built better, etc, etc, etc", and other non-sense about "insert OS/platform/software/etc here". I can't stand it! (yes, I'll admit I've done a little OS and platform bashing in the past...but I've always HATED the mac and windows debate...and I've avoided it like the plague.)

    To those people stuck on a certain OS or hardware platform, I say.... Give up. It doesn't matter. Try using them all. :)

    Windows is good, easy to use, relativity cheap, programmable, and has extensive hardware support. It has a purpose, and it serves it well.
  • Programming information   ( 126 Articles )
    Programming is about problem solving ultimately. It is a task which requires a lot of research. Programming anything inevitably leads to strange compile/link errors, configuration, environment, and performance issues. Everything just a few bytes away from working. ;)

    This page holds an index for all of my programming information. I use these pages to store notes on how I got things to link and compile, general notes on development, links to useful resources, and other information related to coding.

    It is essentially my brain's mind map on programming, and it's searchable! Hopefully, it's helpful in your task.

    Also, if you didn't know already, this index page does publish an RSS and ATOM feed. It'll let you know when I add documents...or maybe someday...when I change them.
  • Information about the linux/unix OS and friends   ( 52 Articles )
    I love the Linux/Unix OS. It's really a programmer's dream come true. This is a category for Linux related material. Most of it is going to be installation notes for various programs I like and use. Some people may find it of use, but it mostly for personal notes.