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FM/AM Transmitters/Recievers and local broadcasts

Friday, 05 May 2006 23:45
I think it is funny that FM and AM radio is still around in this day and age.  You would think, that with all this new technology we could change or get rid of it all together.

But alas, radio is almost exactly the same as it was when I was growing up.  Sure, we are getting smarter.  Putting data into the streams finally (radio text)... and allowing you to timestamp stuff...

But reception is bad...and most stations don't yet provide digital (IP) based broadcasting.

So, until that day comes... I've got to have a nice FM reciever / antenna for reception of my FM/AM broadcasts.

This page serves as a place for me to store information relating to this field.

First resource that is of interest when dealing with AM/FM transmissions is a list of broadcasts that could be picked up in your area.  This is nice to be able to program your reciever quickly... but it is also nice because sometimes, you want to contact the radio station... and you can't find the darn phone number. (now I come here instead of the phone book...which doesn't have a good reference anyways...outdate,wrong,not complete.)  :)
Radio Stations in the Fort Wayne IN Metro area.
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Last Updated on Saturday, 06 May 2006 00:12