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logitech trackball double click m570

Wednesday, 14 January 2015 21:01

Repair mouse with double click problem

I bought a logitech m570 trackball mouse which I really enjoyed using when it worked properly. After a year or so the mouse began double clicking anytime I used it. I looked around on the web and the double click issue seems to be pretty common among logitech mice. First I tried opening the mouse and actually opening the little switch to bend the metal contact within. I was not nimble enough and ultimately destroyed the switch.
Repair mouse with double click problem : Locate, remove, and retension the spring - describes bending the metal contact within the switch of another logitech mouse.
Then I came across this article which describes replacing the actual switches.
Logitech M570 Teardown and Repair | SpiderElectron which suggests replacing the switches with ZMCJF7P0T C&K Components | 401-1742-ND | DigiKey
The switches were about $1.70 and with shipping close to 7 bucks shipped. I spent a while looking around but ultimately decided I wasn't willing to spend the money on this faulty switch which I might not even be able to successfully replace. Instead of ordering a new switch from a supplier, I decided to open on old metal ball mouse and salvage the switch from it. It worked! Using a soldering iron and copper de-solder braid, I removed the left switch from the m570 and the old mouse. Replacing the m570 left switch with an old discarded mouse switch I had laying around worked like a charm.

I hope this article helps someone else out there with a faulty logitech mouse which is double clicking when single clicked.

Before I tried the hardware fix; I also tried the software solutions.
Daniel Jackson - Fun - Old Stuff - MouseFix is a program which tries to fix devices have defective microswitches under the buttons causing a single-click to be seen by Windows as a double-click (seemingly not "debounced" properly).
Other people have also implemented the same using AutoHotkey...both solutions require a debounce constant which indicates how close a click should be to one another in order to be ignored, it worked a little but I still had issues. The hardware fix is really the best way to go; replace that faulty switch!
Mouse Double Clicks when I only Single Click - Page 8 - Logitech Forums - look at all the people experiencing the same issue of double click when single clicked!!

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 January 2015 21:12