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Windows shell bat cmd.exe batch tips

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 20:37
Stupid Geek Tricks: Open an Explorer Window from the Command Prompt’s Current Directory - explorer . or start .
Hidden features of Windows batch files - Stack Overflow
What are the best terminal emulators for Windows? - Slant

consider a better cmd.exe || cmd.exe with tabs

Chocolatey Gallery - you can install them through other means, but chocolatey makes it pretty easy.
I like using "cinst Devbox-Clink" and "cinst Devbox-ConEmu"
clink - Bringing Bash's powerful command line editing to Microsoft Windows' cmd.exe - Google Project Hosting - Clink enhances your productivity in Microsoft Windows' "cmd.exe".
conemu-maximus5 - Windows Console Emulator, Far Manager plugins - Google Project Hosting

batch parameters

%~f complete path with filename
%~d drive letter, no ':'
%~p path
%~dp complete path
%~sp short path
%~x file extension
%~nx filename incl. extension
%~sx short file extension
%~a file attributes
%~t date and time of a file
%~z size of a file
@Henning » Batch Parameter

Shell Commands

There are a lot of great short names for locations that people use all the time.
shell:Desktop & shell:Common Desktop
shell:Common Programs
shell:Start Menu & shell:Common Start Menu
shell:Common Startup
shell:Administrative Tools
Shell Commands to Access the Special Folders in Windows 7/Vista/XP - The Winhelponline Blog
Last Updated on Monday, 25 August 2014 11:20