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Tablet PC - Pen computing makes a computer more usable.

Thursday, 10 August 2006 15:24
Since the release of Vista, there is no longer a Tablet PC version of windows. Instead, Vista includes all such features and more. I'm glad to see that this was integrated as a core component of Vista.

Tablet PC Team Blog : Using Flicks to Switch Windows via Alt+Tab or Win+Tab

I just got my first tablet PC and I have to say, I'm very impressed with the quality so far.

First lets look at some software for art.
ArtRage 2
Microsoft PowerToys for Windows XP Tablet PC Edition
MathJournal 2.0
Software For The Ultra Mobile PC
Software For The Tablet PC

I'm looking for something that can record my using the pen, so that I can replay what I wrote and drew over time. I'd love to be able to speed and slow it down.
TechSmitch - Snagit - maybe from these guys

Download details: Physics Illustrator for Tablet PC
Ink AniEd - An Ink Based Animation Editor - The Code Project - Mobile PC / Tablet PC
Tablet PC Team Blog
Tablet PC Team Blog : Microsoft.Ink.dll and CLR that ships in VS.NET 2005 Part 2


Tablet PC Team Blog

Ink enable your app
MS has made it pretty simple to integrate ink into your programs. They provide a nice InkOverlay that make it very simple.

Windows forms implementation of realtime ink drop shadow:
“In Search of the Real-Time Drop Shadow” by Charles Petzold
Looks like it is much more simple to implement Ink with XAML / WPF / and Silverlight! Could be as simple as using the InkCanvas instead of Canvas!
Petzold Book Blog - Real-Time Drop-Shadow Slam-Dunk
CoDe Magazine - Article: Into the Future
CodeProject: Adventures into Ink API using WPF.

Power to the Pen: The Pen is Mightier with GDI+ and the Tablet PC Real-Time Stylus -- MSDN Magazine, December 2005
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