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"[Programmers] are attached to their programs. Indeed, their programs become extensions of themselves - a fact which is verified in the abominable practice of attaching one's name to the program itself..." --Gerald M. Weinberg, The Psychology of Computer Programming
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Information about MS Windows
windows.png This category is all about the windows OS. If you are looking for programming information on windows, you'll have to look in my programming category. This section is more for general application and OS information.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've had to put up with people complaining about how "Linux can do this....", "Macs are faster, built better, etc, etc, etc", and other non-sense about "insert OS/platform/software/etc here". I can't stand it! (yes, I'll admit I've done a little OS and platform bashing in the past...but I've always HATED the mac and windows debate...and I've avoided it like the plague.)

To those people stuck on a certain OS or hardware platform, I say.... Give up. It doesn't matter. Try using them all. :)

Windows is good, easy to use, relativity cheap, programmable, and has extensive hardware support. It has a purpose, and it serves it well.
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