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Debian Linux Notes

Sunday, 14 February 2010 18:14
Internet, the final frontier. These are the adventures of the Debian project.
Its n-year mission: to explore free new programs, to seek out new source and new users, to boldly package
what no­ one has packaged before. --Lars Wirzenius

Debian Mailing Lists -- Complete Index
Debian Live Manual

Search for all deb packages which contain the specified string.

apt-cache search string

What .deb package provided this file?

dpkg -S /path/to/file

debian debconf for configuration

The Debconf Programmer's Tutorial
Linux.com :: Using Debconf to configure a system
Python Debconf Configuration by Example « Mark Knowles' Blog
Create a Debian package for your Django application | Laurent Luce Blog
Ubuntu Manpage: debconf - developers guide

Why is debconf skipping my questions?

When developing .deb packages in the past, I've found issues where debconf will silently install my package without asking questions. If you export DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer, you may see the following happening in the debconf dialog.
debconf (developer): --> 30 question skipped
First, see if you find your questions already answered in "debconf-get-selections | grep YOURPACKAGENAME". If you see your questions in the debconf db with unknown as the user...that's probly the issue. To remove the unknown user selections try the following "echo PURGE | debconf-communicate unknown"

Debugging debconf

You can get more debugging information by exporting DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer in your env. You can also just add that option to the kernel parameters during the grub loader...

Bootable CDs and preseeding installers

Simple-CDD/Howto - Debian Wiki
Unattended Debian Linux Installation - preseeding,boot parameters, and other things install related.
Linux Bootable Media - preseeding,isolinux.cfg, etc.
Boot and Run Pendrivelinux 2009 in Windows | USB Pen Drive Linux - Linux in windows on portable usb.
USB Pendrive Linux | Get USB Pendrive Linux at SourceForge.net - Debian based liveusb.
Encrypted Debian Live USB key

Boot ISO from USB Flash Drive | USB Pen Drive Linux

ISOLINUX boot splash images

How To Create Splash-IsoLinux — Bharat Operating System Solutions

Debian Packaging

Debian New Maintainers' Guide
Debian New Maintainers Guide - The debian/control and debian/rules file
Debian Packaging School - nice overview...
The Debian GNU/Linux FAQ - Basics of the Debian package management system
English/BuildingWithoutHelper - Debian Women Wiki
Basic Debian Packaging - FreekiWiki
PackagingGuide/Basic - Ubuntu Wiki
Chapter 6. Best Packaging Practices

Debian packaging helpers

debianpackagemaker - Project Hosting on Google Code - A simple and straight forward debian package maker.
Python setup.py to DEB package | welcome to the world of... - package your python to deb.
jordansissel/fpm · GitHub - Effing package managers! Build packages for multiple platforms (deb, rpm, etc) with great ease and sanity.

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