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Eye tracking and functional analysis of gaze.

Sunday, 01 April 2007 08:53
An HCI which includes the tracking of human eyes would be amazing. The software could respond as soon as you look at something.

Just think of all the kinds of information you can glen from a person's gaze!

Show Me Eye Tracking
real-time eye tracking - Featured on Hacked Gadgets
real-time eye tracking 2 - Featured on Hacked Gadgets
immersive eye-tracking

Toolkits, hardware and software
It is amazing to me that there is code out there right now which can produce a low cost eye tracker to anyone.

Here are some of the libraries and projects I've heard of already:
openEyes - open-source open-hardware toolkit for low-cost real-time eye tracking
Project EyeFinder
The Machine Perception Toolbox
CodeProject: TrackEye : Real-Time Tracking Of Human Eyes Using a Webcam.

Eye Tracking - Cursor Control via Webcam » Daniel's Blog

Reducing Shoulder-surfing by Using Gaze-based Password Entry
Offline tracking of eyes and more with a simple webcam
Opengazer: open-source gaze tracker for ordinary webcams

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