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    moon and stars
    how did u find my site?

    consciousness survives death of brain?

    Penetrating so many secrets, we cease to believe in the unknowable. But there it sits nevertheless, calmly licking its chops. -- H. L. Mencken
    $$\cos x = \sum\limits_{n = 0}^\infty {\frac{{\left( { - 1} \right)^n x^{2n} }}{{\left( {2n} \right)!}}}$$


    Thursday, 09 November 2006 11:20
    Energy fascinates me. The ability for any abstract object to form chemical pathways for its use is mind blowing. We as human lifeforms have developed the ability to do cellular respiration which allows the body to produce energy in metabolic pathways. ATP/ATD are amazing to think about as a celluar currency that performs certain functions. The way in which cells build increasing complexity out of a 2d sequences of base pairs.... cellular respiration and photosynthesis pathways both use ATP to function. Each has a different hydrogen ion source, but both (everything) are related in the basic components.

    This page is going to serve as my repository for thoughts on energy, specific - abstract - whatever.

    We have yet to make the device that can harvest energy as efficiently as cells. These devices will be economical and their use would reduce air pollution and generate electricity.

    The production of energy will require basic elements just as cellular respiration will require Oxygen for respiration and plants require Nitrogen in photosynthesis. using cheap devices that reduce production costs, harvest energy, and remove pollution from the environment.

    temperature differentials are good; em kay.
    Solar Water Heating
    Cool Blue: How IBM beats the heat
    CFLs/LEDs and the incandescent
    incandescent lightbulb...90% heat, 10% light..

    Slashdot | The Light Bulb That Can Change the World
    How Many Lightbulbs Does it Take to Change the World? One. And You're Looking At It.
    CA Lawmaker Wants to Ban Common Light Bulb

    Use the big ball of incandescent gas || plasma || our sun || gigantic nuclear furnace

    Without the sun, without a doubt, there'd be no you and me. hot (millions of degrees), large (middle sized star could fit 1million earths inside), far away (93,000,000 miles away).
    here we are on sunny Earth; miles of free energy rains down, I need to wear sunscreen or I will get burnt. That's whats what.
    256.co.uk – solar electronics - Home of the PWM5 Solar Charge Controller
    Intelligent daylighting solution saves 20 to 70% of energy costs, with no investment : TreeHugger - automated sun-tracking solar domes (PDF presentation)
    automated sun-tracking solar domes
    When The Power's Out, Solar Panels May Not Keep The Lights On : NPR - 60% reduction in cost over last 3 years. Solar traditionally setup to trickle into electrical system and can not sustain demand when the Grid goes away. micro-grid, smart inverters - off-grid and grid-tie inverters....micro-grids! here we come!!! -- *anti-islanding protection required*.
    Solar inverter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Solar Power Inverters – DC to AC Solar Inverters
    Celebrating the Completion of the World's Largest Concentrating Solar Power Plant | Department of Energy - 392 megawatts, and not an eagle can fly by....streaking smoke.

    Energy metering || you can not change what you do not know

    TED 5000, TED Home Pro
    Missing PowerMeter & Hohm? Here are 12 other home energy tool options — Tech News and Analysis
    Installing TED (The Energy Detective): a tale of two cultures | Jon Udell - review of TED 5000 and nice comments.
    Google's PowerMeter Bypasses the Smart Meter, Signs Up First Gadget Partner — Tech News and Analysis
    Blueline Innovations | Real Time Energy Data
    wattvision | real-time energy monitoring sensors and software for businesses and homes.

    Energy Monitors | Brultech Research Inc

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