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    Ppl of the Internet. Right now, dave.thehorners.com is unavailable on the *[LTE AT&T network] (outage has been persistent for a long while; last personal report to ATT with no response 11/11/2018)

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    My current preferred deep dream site(s) are: fibFile dave.thehorners.com My last 3 deep dreams were:(b0caa;5141d;bcab1) the current time is 11/17/2018 at 01:56
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    If you are reading these bytes and you didn't have to hop around N+1 nodes to anon and make things confusing.....CONGRATULATIONS you're blessed to be free. Thank|Pardon|Garcias someone. It didn't happen by itself.
    and now back to the strange loop perspective of just another.

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    “In mathematics you don’t understand things. You just get used to them.”
    –John Von Neumann

    Statistics - the r project

    Tuesday, 03 October 2006 18:29
    Simply Statistics - blog of three biostatistics professors
    William M. Briggs | Statistician to the Stars!
    Series Tutorials
    wikipedia: SAS System
    Pearson Correlation Coefficient, Covariance Matrix and Linear Dependency « Yi Wang's Tech Notes
    Stochastic Sampling « Yi Wang's Tech Notes
    Parameter Estimation | Benn Thomsen
    CamDavidsonPilon/Probabilistic-Programming-and-Bayesian-Methods-for-Hackers · GitHub
    Linear Regression For Fun And Profit
    A/B Testing Duration Data
    How Not To Run An A/B Test
    Statistical Formulas For Programmers
    Bayesian Average Ratings
    Frequentism and Bayesianism: A Practical Introduction

    Kalman Filter

    Bilgin's Blog | Kalman Filter for Dummies
    The Kalman Filter
    Kalman filter – simplified version | Robotics / Electronics / Physical Computing

    R Project

    The R Project for Statistical Computing
    Detecting Pitches In Music With R
    Togaware: Rattle: A Graphical User Interface for Data Mining using R
    Togaware: Rattle: Installation on GNU/Linux
    Togaware: One Page R: A Survival Guide to Data Science with R
    R Bootcamp — Jared Knowles
    Shiny - Shiny combines the computational power of R with the interactivity of the modern web.
    avrilcoghlan/LittleBookofRBayesianStatistics - Little Book of R for Bayesian Statistics.


    roughly some number in order of magnitude. don't forget those alt tags!
    Fermi problem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Bloom Filters

    a query returns either "possibly in set" or "definitely not in set". Elements can be added to the set, but not removed (though this can be addressed with a "counting" filter). The more elements that are added to the set, the larger the probability of false positives.Bloom filter - Wikipedia
    Bloom Filters by Example
    Watch PyCon 2011: Handling ridiculous amounts of data with probabilistic data structures | PyCon US Videos - 2009, 2010, 2011 Episodes | Learning Videos | Blip
    ctb/khmer - khmer is a library and suite of command line tools for working with DNA sequence. It is primarily aimed at short-read sequencing data such as that produced by the Illumina platform. khmer takes a k-mer-centric approach to sequence analysis, hence the name.

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