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Ideas on VR with my limited knowledge of what is ahead.

Tuesday, 03 October 2006 11:24
Ideas and concepts on VR with focus on augmented reality If ideas are my soul, and I am a machine. What does it mean when the machine becomes the source for dreams...

Human society and it's understanding of technology is just beginning... Hell I was amazed at what an 8bit machine could do with color. I was floored when I saw it talk for the first time. I anticipated most of these transitions (at least major "duh" ones).

Mans time of this earth is limited. Just because we know and understand the limited capacity of the situation. In other words, there are too many variables that go into the eq. And most of those variables are very large and limited.

When I think of VR, I think about how my body comes to understand the visual system of the human body. Build up the human in 1d, DNA. Then look at it another way.... it doesn't matter what.... just must be a higher dimension than the first.

As a computer scientist, I think alot about how to model things that I meet in life. So when I think of an object that I work with, I think first about all the parts that make up the object. For instance, lets say we have a car, the doors would be one such object. Now these doors can have attributes that can be mapped into 3d shape.

With enough sensing devices looking at the object... 3 cameras each with their own view of the2d My focus in life is to be able to diagnose as many problems as is humanly possible using the current technology today. Computers are algorithmic machines that can be programmed to find all sorts of answers. The computers we have today are faster and more powerful than any civilization has seen before us. Our internet culture spreads across the entire globe. Connecting every able entity that can read it: eyes in.

Eyes are our porthole into the great divide.

Human-computer interaction based on eye movement tracking

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