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    Sunday, 09 March 2014 18:14


    PostgreSQL: The world's most advanced open source database - the official homepage.
    PostgreSQL: Manuals
    PostgreSQL wiki
    The Most Amazing PostgreSQL Database - IMHO
    PostgreSQL vs. MS SQL Server - Why PostgreSQL is way, way better than MS SQL Server
    Things to find out about when moving from MySQL to PostgreSQL - PostgreSQL wiki - PostgreSQL has many features MySQL doesn't.
    Why Postgres | Craig Kerstiens Part 2 | Craig Kerstiens
    Building DBD::Pg for perlbrew on Ubuntu - M.C. Pantz
    sudo apt-get install libpq5 postgresql-server-dev-9.1
    POSTGRES_HOME='/usr/lib/postgresql/9.1' POSTGRES_INCLUDE='/usr/include/postgresql' cpanm Bundle::DBD::Pg

    quick how do I use it?

    database - How to configure postgresql for the first time? - Stack Overflow - sudo -u postgres psql template1;ALTER USER postgres with encrypted password '';sudo -u postgres createuser -U postgres -d -e -E -l -P -r -s root;createdb ;psql template1
    then psql /? and (/q or Ctrl+D) to exit.
    PGDATA,PGPORT,PGHOST,PGPASSWORD,PGUSER are all env variables of interest.

    posgresql password config

    ~.pgpass;localhost:5432:dbname:user:secret;chmod 0600 ~.pgpass;
    runas /user:postgres "cmd";cd %appdata%;mkdir postgresql;cd postgresql;notepad pgpass.conf;

    show me the databases

    select * from pg_database; or \l from psql

    show me the tables

    SELECT * FROM pg_catalog.pg_tables
    SELECT table_schema || '.' || table_name FROM information_schema.tables WHERE table_type = 'BASE TABLE' AND table_schema NOT IN ('pg_catalog', 'information_schema');
    show tables in postgresql - Stack Overflow

    PostgreSQL Notify/Listen

    HOWTO: Automatically Responding To PostgreSQL Table Changes With Twisted
    AnyMQ::Pg - Use built-in PostgreSQL 'LISTEN' and 'NOTIFY' commands for message-passing. - metacpan.org
    Listen/Notify improvements in PostgreSQL 9.0 | End Point Blog
    BZERK Open Source - Executing perl code on PostgreSQL triggers.
    ryandotsmith/queue_classic -QueueClassic Simple, efficient worker queue for Ruby & PostgreSQL isten/notify & row locking.
    chanks/que - high-performance alternative to DelayedJob or QueueClassic that improves the reliability of your application by protecting your jobs with the same ACID guarantees as the rest of your data. primary goal is reliability, secondary goal is performance. Que Ruby Postgres with JSON datatype.

    Load balance || connection pool || replication || parallel query

    pgpool Wiki
    DevAdmin: Pgpool Configuration & Failback

    9.3 apt packages

    Apt - PostgreSQL wiki BSD

    Foreign Data Wrapper (FDW)

    PostgreSQL is not just about the data in PostgreSQL.
    installing the client couldn't be easier
    apt-get install pgxnclient,yum install pgxnclient,pip install pgxnclient,easy_install pgxnclient

    Foreign data wrappers - PostgreSQL wiki
    Dave's Postgres Blog: PostgreSQL 9.1, meet MySQL
    dpage/mysql_fdw - MySQL FDW for PostgreSQL 9.1+

    Javascript in your PostgreSQL

    9.3 gave us JSON datatypes, plv8 gives us procedures in javascript; Node.js in PostgreSQL, why yes.
    plv8: A procedural language in JavaScript powered by V8 / PostgreSQL Extension Network
    clkao/plv8x - Helpers for managing plv8 javascript modules
    Using JavaScript in PostgreSQL | End Point Blog
    PgREST: Node.js in the Database
    poga/pgrest-schemaless - a schemaless database with firebase API on PgREST

    Postgresql 9.3: Creating an index on a JSON attribute | Johnny Morano's Blog - indexing JSON document by key;
    CREATE TABLE data ( id bigint DEFAULT nextval('data_seq'::regclass) NOT NULL, form_name TEXT, form_data JSON );
    CREATE INDEX ON data USING btree (form_name, json_extract_path_text(form_data,'name'));

    PostgreSQL and perl

    my $dbh = DBI->connect("DBI:Pg:dbname=x;host=localhost", "user", "secret", {'RaiseError' => 1});
    DBD::Pg - search.cpan.org
    DBD::PgPP - search.cpan.org
    Installing DBD::Pg with Strawberry Perl | Jawnsy's Journal on Life, Software and Engineering

    Postgres games

    gciolli/pgChess - pgxnclient install pgchess;pgxnclient install pg2podg;create extension pgchess;create extension pg2podg;
    Relational Database Technologies: psql client can be a chess board now...


    pgModeler - PostgreSQL Database Modeler
    ER-Mapping with OpenShift, Getting Started with pgModeler | Openshift Blog

    MusicBrainz Database - MusicBrainz - MusicBrainz Database is built on the PostgreSQL relational database engine and contains all of MusicBrainz' music metadata. This data includes information about artists, release groups, releases, recordings, works, and labels, as well as the many relationships between them.

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